Why We Choose Block Bottom Bag? You Must Know

Product packaging trends are ever-changing and undergo different innovations and creativity over time. However, as technology rises high, so do customer demands are changing to keep pace. Consumers are now keen to connect with specific brands for effective marketing and branding. 

That’s why various packaging types are invented to satisfy their customers and earn more sales. The level bag is one of them which offers both a visually appealing design and maintains product quality. 

So, what are these packagings trends in 2023? Let’s explore it by understanding its uses and importance together!

What is Block Bottom Bag?

The bottom packaging bags or pouches are free-standing packaging on top of the gable. It is also known as flat bottom or side gusseted bag. Similar to pillow pockets, some block bottom bags have a vertical fin or lap seal in the back bag. 

These packs have wide side corner braces supporting the block’s rectangular bottom via top and bottom seals. However, these rectangular shape packs are ideal for automatic filling and packaging, like coffee beans, pet treats, snacks, spices, and more. Many businesses like yours prefer these pouches most for its highly flexible packaging solution. 

After completing the definition, let’s look at some factors why you should use these food bag packaging in the next section. 

Why Should You Choose the Block Bottom Bags?

From agriculture to food and beverage, manufacturers focus on these bags to keep pace with consumers’ demands and market trends. Also, visually appealing bags help to promote your brand’s creative approaches. Whether you’re planning to package popcorn or other food items, these bags are the best. 

Want to know why? Here we mentioned some important points below:

Offer Custom Packaging to “Wow” Your Customers

The bag offers several custom-made sizes, colors, and designs to fulfill your brand requirements. Also, it comes in different punch styles for sale, and punch lines for flexible opening or closing. It is sealed on eight sides. Four sealing sides on both side gussets and other four sealing sides on the bottom gusset.

Gusset bottom pouches manufacturers offer up to 10 colors. From resealable zipper, valve to the clear window, tear notch, and other features are available in one pack. If you want to redesign it with a matte finish or glossy treatment on the surface, you can do it. 

Ensure Brand Messaging for your Target Audience

Professional packaging suits perfectly to promote your brand and boost sales. Every detail can easily be highlighted in one pack, from the business information to feeding instructions. That’s why business owners like yours prefer these bags for premium packaging like whole bean coffee ,pet food or powder. 

Also, it can be useful to extend products’ shelf life and storage period by maintaining real aroma and taste. Lightweight pouches are best for both sales packaging and transportation packaging.  

High-Quality Print Packaging Materials

From inside to outside, these laminated sacks provide a high barrier for storing products. These bags can’t be tampered with easily because of their high-quality materials. In the packaging marketplace, you get several bottom sacks and print finishes. 

From gravure printing to full-color digital printing technologies are applied to fulfill your business demands. However, the techniques can vary from one company to another. If you prefer photorealistic quality graphics, you can get them on the bag fabric.

High Breakage and Drop Resistance

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) or laminated films is a durable material used for rice, minerals, animal nutrition products, and others. Also, it provides high strength and has the ability to hold weight without causing damage. UV-resistant and moisture-resistant box bottom coffee pouches offer versatile solution than traditional bags. 

Put Up Straight on the Shelves for Display

The sack’s design is similar to the side gusset bag and the bottom gusset bag. In short, these bags are also considered flat bottom pouches or box bags. These styles of bags are framed in a square shape that provides more stability on shelves and reduces package ruptures. 

However, the bottom of the bags is gusseted from the sides and fixed. But the vertical part of level bags is wrinkled and squared till the top. Regardless of whether the bag is standing or lying down, your consumers can notice each point’s design.

Reduce Packaging Costs and Increase Profit

Packaging bags with valves are made with raw materials that require low production costs. Bottom flat bags use 12 percent less film but offer high capacity. That means it requires less energy to make it and weighs less. Both factors are the key thing to reducing costs and making them more suitable for the environment. 

Market Value of Box Bottom Pouches

From 2021 to 2029, the global block bottom packaging market is estimated to rise at a CAGR of 4.8%. And the popularity of sustainable sacks lies in their eye-catchy designs, eco-friendly, and high-quality materials. Innovations of box bottom SOS (Stand-on-Shelf) paper bags can be converted into any style based on customer needs. 

Bio-based or Biodegradable Plastic

The bags are made with 100% food grade, BPA-free, and migration testing-approved materials. Bio-based plastics such as bio-PET and bio-PE can be used as raw materials. Manufacturers or suppliers use these bags for durable and strong multi-layer surfaces for food, chemicals, or other industries. 

Now that you understand the core factors of level bottom flexible packaging, it’s time to check out industrial uses. 

What are the Uses of Block Bottom Pouches? 

The pouches are suitable for bulk goods; that’s why many industries use these packs. For its versatility, lightweight, and strength features, consumers love most. Whatever your business type is, you can use these bags for several purposes. 

It adds extra value to traditional side gusseted bag and stand-up pouch. Central or offset back seal pouches sits narrow on the shelf, don’t tip over, and look like a box. Let’s take a closer look at its uses below:

Snack and Bakery Items 

Easy-to-fill, food-safe materials, and clear-design bags are used in several food sectors. For example, packaging tea, nuts, chocolate, candy, spices, and other foodstuffs. For its durable, tear-resistance, and personalized options, it steals the heart of consumers. 

Rice and Grains

You can use these bags for bulk storage and transportation. Air-resistance, water-proof, and leakage-free sacks are suitable for rice, grains, and other food items. Moreover, it requires fewer production costs and ensures successful shipping to customers’ doorstep.

Nutraceuticals and Fitness Powders

As you know, the most common type of protein powder packaging is a plastic can or jar. If you want to compete with your competitors, you need to identify which packs offer the best service. For example, the box bottom offers adequate protection compared to the rigid ones. Why? Multi-layer limited films create a membrane to prohibit vapor, odor, etc.

Pet products

Pet care foods serve low-carb, low-calorie, and nutritious items to gift them a playful day. Storing items in an airtight bag offers germ-free and healthy snacks to pets. Along with your pets, you can carry these foods. Also, it offers high visibility on the retail shelves and comes in amazing styles.

Pro Tip: If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you can order any size, shape, or number of bags as per consumers’ demands.

Dry Products

Dry ingredients like powdered milk, pasta, fruits, and other items can be stored using these packs. For its high barrier and quality materials BOPP, you can serve fresh and real food items to customers’ plates. 

To meet the end users’ demands, the bags come with several features and storage space. However, after going through several uses of the sacks, it’s time to observe the recent packaging trend. 

What is the Current Market Trend of flat Bottom Bags?

Coffee packaging for ground coffee or bean has become more advanced than traditional packaging. In the packaging industry, flat bottom coffee valve bags are rocking for its impressive design, environment-friendly materials, and strong barrier films. Gas release valves are created in these packaging to pass gas and prevent cracking or bursting during filling. 

You must be curious about the trend or revolution story of the box bottom pack. Without further ado, let’s observe the core things below:

  • In this ready-to-eat era, consumers prefer the products to be unloaded directly in their pallets to the shelves.
  • Stand alone bags are easily resealable or reclosable and are the most demanding ones in the global market. 
  • Help to cut packaging costs such as production, materials, and transportation costs.
  • Business like yours benefits most by offering several sizes, shapes, and eye-catchy designs.
  • The right food packaging solutions for coffee beans,pet food,etc.
  • Digitally printed flexible packaging is the most trendy one to evoke consumers and force them to buy.

Final Verdict

Now at the end of this article: why you choose block bottom bag, we hope you get your best packaging solution. Whatever type of innovative packs you come up with, remember to use QR codes to connect offline customers to online.

Also, pay attention to customized options when you confirm bulk packaging. Are you ready to bring your dream business to life?


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