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Spouted Pouches can store applications such as liquid, powder, and small dense food products.spouted pouches are the superior packaging option for liquids.The pouches are flexible and are an alternative to plastic or glass bottle.

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Custom full printed colors.Matte finish or Glossy treatment


Custom sizes.It depends on your requirement.


Custom materials.PET / FOIL / POLY, PET / POLY, PET / MET PET / POLY,etc.

Product Details:

Spouted pouches are re-closable and produced with a weld spout and a cap. These spouts can be engineered for spill control, convenience and safety and hence suitable for liquid range of products like beverages, sauces ,rice ,beeror cleaning agents. The size and form can be customised as per clients need and requirement.In comparison to the normal plastic bottle, glass jars, aluminum cans, spout pouch are cost save in production, space, transportation ,storage, and also it is recyclable.

Many brands and companies are turning to flexible packaging to package hand sanitizer products. As experts for over 20 years in high barrier applications, we’re here to help with various spouted pouch solutions:

  • Corner spouted pouches
  • Top spouted pouches
  • Screw caps, disc caps, flip-top caps, and more closures available on corner & top spouted premade pouches
  • 100% food grade , BPA free &migration testing approved material
  • up to 10 colors
  • Re-closable spout, Clear Window,tear notch
  • Matte finish or Glossy treatment on the surface
  • MOQ start from 1000pcs
  • Available for custom printing and custom labels,custom colors,size&material
  • Industries or applications:Liquids,Food Ingredients,Baby Food / Beverages,Jam & Honey,Personal Care,Soups / Sauces,Dairy Products / Pet Food

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