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Retort Pouches can store seafood, pet food, soups and sources to meat and ready to eat meals.Retortable stand up bags are made using special materials, and through the use of a new technology which allows manufacturers to pre-cook food in these packages. They use super-heated water or steam to cook food inside these pouches.

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Custom full printed colors.Matte finish or Glossy treatment


Custom sizes.It depends on your requirement.



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In today’s busy society, ready-to-eat (RTE) food has become a booming business. Custom retort pouch has been popular overseas for some time now. In recent years, food manufacturers have realized the enormous cost savings of using a retort pouch over traditional canned food.

Retort packaging is a unique form of stand up pouch used for cook-in-a-bag meals and sides, such as soups, rice, sauces, and pasta dishes.These products are sealed and sterilized in these pouches.

It safeguards the freshness, aroma and taste of the ingredients inside.It has a longer life shell and reduced transportation cost.

It is safe and easy to open in contrast to cans and jars.Has great brand appeal and is convenient and user friendly too. Reduced processing cost is its valuable advantage.

Aluminum foil retort pouch can resist up to 135 Celsius degree (275 F) of retort condition that provides a very thin, but effective barrier. Retort pouch packaging can be used in a wide range of food and drink with its superior shelf life of more than 1 year at room temperature of retort pouch-packaged foods with very high barrier properties of OTR and WVTR.

  • Application:Military combat ration, curry sauce, soup, meat stew, cooked rice, chunk tuna/chicken, seafoods, PET animal meal & other MRE(meal ready to eat) foods,beans.
  • 100% food grade , BPA free &migration testing approved material.
  • up to 10 colors.
  • available for custom printing and custom labels,custom colors,size&material.


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