quad seal bag

Quad seal bags provide a great alternative to stand up pouches. it is sealed on the four corners of its side gussets, giving the pack a traditional square shape.A versatile attention-grabbing design that is very popular in the packaging industry, most notably in coffee, IQF, pet food, candy, and snacks.

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Custom full printed colors.Matte finish or Glossy treatment


Custom sizes.It depends on your requirement.


Custom materials.PET / FOIL / POLY, PET / POLY, PET / MET PET / POLY,Kraft Paper / POLY, BOPP/CPP.recycled material..etc.

Product Details:

Side-gusseted bags are named for the gusset, or fold, on either side of the bag. The side gusset pouches maximise the storage capacity since they square out after being filled and the weight of the product usually holds the bag upright. They also come in block-bottom or quad-seal construction that offers extra durability and capability of packaging heavier products. These types of pouches are increasingly being preferred over other options by the food, coffee&tea,pet food,snack ,powdered goods and other industries as they allow easy display vertically as well as horizontally, thus becomes leading option for shelf display.

  • 100% food grade , BPA free &migration testing approved material.
  • Easily printable on all the four sides, up to 10 colors each side.
  • For premium products packagings, like high-quality coffee or pet foods or powder.
  • Reclosable / Resealable Zipper ,tap zipper, slider,valve, laser scoring, tin tie,handle,Clear Window,tear notch.
  • Matte finish or Glossy treatment on the surface.
  • MOQ start from 500pcs.
  • Available for custom printing and custom labels,custom colors,size&material.
  • Industries/applications:Foods,Coffee&Tea,Powder foods,Pet Foods,Home and Garden Products,Health and Beauty Products,Industrial & Other Packaging Options

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