How to Choose the Right Food Packaging Solutions

Packaging builds a strong impression in consumers’ minds and converts them to fulfill purchasing steps. From the food packaging industry to others, everyone focuses on quality printing with information. 

Eye-catchy, innovative solutions, and quality product packaging depend on quality materials and sustainable solutions. You might be wondering thinking about how to get the right packaging for your product.

Look no forth! Go through the article on how to choose the right food packaging solutions and get an idea about packaging factors. Why delay? Let’s get started!

What is Food Packaging?

Food packaging is a packaging system that includes technology, materials, and production procedures. The goal is to provide protection from chemical, environmental, and physical alterations. Keeping pace with current trends like sustainability, eco-friendly, and shelf-life extension plays an important role. 

In short, the food packaging industry is a coordinated system for transporting, storing, and retailing. Also, the packs are often labeled with product information.

However, there are several food packaging types in the food industry. To explore more, scroll down to the next section.

Here is the video about the food packaging materials-all you need to know

What are the Best Types of Custom Food Packaging?

As food manufacturers or business owners, your main concern is to offer customers high-quality packaging solutions. If you want to get the best packaging products, you need to consider materials for food packaging. Also, to compete with the packaging challenges, let’s go through different types of custom food packaging below:

Aseptic Packages 

For packaging a product, it is made of a mixture of semi-rigid paper, plastic (low-density polyethylene), and aluminium. These types of food packaging are used for several beverages and food products, like soup, milk, etc. 

Flexible Packages 

Packages are non-rigid and new packaging solutions that offer flexible shapes and sizes. It is made with aluminium foil, laminated plastic films, and kraft paper. From stand up pouches to retort pouches, flat-bottom pouches and others are used in different food industries. As a recycled package, it is used for pet dry food manufacturers, cannabis, popcorn, and others.

Note: PE mono material help to develop a circular economy.


Boxes are the most common type of food packaging. The packaging material of boxes is wood, corrugated fiberboard, or metal. Several food items, like cereal, frozen pizza, snack crackers, and others, use this pack. 


This type of packaging is made with flat thick and raised edges paperboard to keep the product in place. Also, work well for different food items, like drinks, meat, plant seeds, fish, and other food items. 


Most of the cans are made of steel or thin metal-coated tin to prohibit corrosion. Glass jars or cans are used in several food storages, like vegetables, meats, gravy, and others. 


Like trays, this type of packaging is common in the food industry. Packed fruits, bagged snacks, and other food items are stored in bagged packaging. Also, you can use it to separate the food from the air.

Cartons and Coated Paper

Like boxes, this packaging is made of corrugated cardboard and coated with plastic or paraffin to offer durability. The egg carton is the most popular form. However, other food packaging styles include folding cartons, gable-top cartons (juice and milk), and aseptic cartons. 


Wrappers are used for individual purposes like flower wrapping, candy bars, and others. It is a thin plastic packaging with a beautiful design packaging surface. 

Now after going through several types and food packaging materials, let’s go through some factors to choose one.

How Do You Choose a Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions?

The unboxing experience can build a robust brand-consumer relationship. But before that, you need to entice them to rely on your products. So, it’s important to consider: how to package your product and which sustainable food packaging solutions suit your product. 

To get the answer let’s check out some sustainable packaging factors below:

1. Marketing Strategies and Promotions

“Packaging can be theater; it can create a story.” – Steve Jobs.

Packaging is a vital marketing element that can enrich your visitors or break a product. Why? The answer lies in consumers’ visual impression that confirms purchasing or add-to-cart decisions. That means your brand or product’s unique tone of voice is a very effective way to grab the audience’s attention. 

The marketplace’s most trendy product packaging options are sustainable and flexible. Most consumers nowadays prefer this packaging for its low carbon footprint, eye-catchy design, and eco-friendly raw materials. 

2. Types of Products You Could Sell

“Packaging is your silent salesperson.” – Geoff Hocking.

Product type is one of the most important factors before selecting your food packagings. Suppose your business is to sell ready-to-eat food products or frozen items. In this case, you need to consider packaging chemical issues, strength, and other environmental hazards. 

You can offer a healthy meal or foods with sustainable packaging like pouches. Remember, innovative solutions with less environmental impact ensure a healthy society. To keep pace with the packaging industry trends and add extra benefits to your supply chain, focus on creating a better customer experience.

3. The Food Packaging Materials you Choose to Use

Materials for food packaging ensure longer shelf life, quality, and consumer satisfaction. So, it is wise to go with a biodegradable and recyclable one. Choose one that fulfills climate issues, from fresh fruits to popcorn packaging or other products. 

However, ensure your selected packs can be recycled and product ingredients are good enough. For example, glass or metal is not environment-friendly. On the contrary, PE mono material offers recyclable solutions. 

Note: FDA-approved packing of products material ensure high-quality materials and their durability. 

4. Product Size Matters in Packaging

Are you a mid-size business owner or planning to start one? Product size and weight matter most in selecting the perfect packaging. Suppose you have a product that comes in several sizes, like candy or others. To fulfill your product dimensions and design, you need flexible solutions. Why?

With custom or flexible packaging, you get several features, like shapes and sizes, with high-quality printing. But when it comes to larger items delivery, you can go with other types of packaging from our lists. 

5. Keep in Mind Transport Issues

Transportation is another effective factor to consider in the right packaging for your product. If you want to improve the sustainability of your product, you need to reduce the weight and opt for flexible packaging. The reason is heavy packaging requires more fuel to transport and has risks to safe shipping such as glass or metal. 

No matter how amazing the design, typography, or brand logo is, successful shipping build trust. Also, to reduce extra manufacturing costs, you need to go with cost-effective; yet long-lasting life cycle packaging. 

6. Setting the Right Product Packaging Budget

You must determine the budget from design to the final touch to avoid extra costs. And the plan starts with materials types, design options, and other customized solutions. For example, materials like glass and natural fibers look appealing to consumers but cost high. 

On the other hand, custom printed or digitally printed flexible packaging offers cost-effective solutions with sustainable options. That means, to ensure quality and good packaging products, you need to find the right balance.

7. Disposable Food Packaging Solutions

To run a successful food and beverage business, you need to ensure that your packaging offers sturdy solutions. For example, if you want to deliver soupy models, your main concern is to keep food safe and healthy. Also, it is microwaveable, biodegradable, and freezable without wasting much energy. 

However, most food manufacturers and customers prefer recyclable and less production consumption costs packages. Here, natural resources like mono material PE  pouches can fulfill consumer needs. That’s why fruit items to other frozen food manufacturers focus on sustainability pouches.

Searching for the best packaging solutions for shipping foods to earn more sales and revenues? Scroll down and get a trusted company that offers high-quality packaging for products.

Where to Get Reliable and High-quality Food Packaging Solutions? 

Fresh, Versatile, and Sustainability – ensure professional food packaging. You can get several companies, manufacturers, and suppliers that offer custom packaging solutions, like UFoodPouch. But the most innovative and best packaging help you to build your brand.

But the question is: how can you determine which one is best or provide the best solutions? Let’s take a closer look at some criteria below:

  • Offer you high-quality and eye-catchy print with customized solutions, like the brand logo, colors, typography, etc.
  • Help to build your brand loyalty and authenticity, highlighting the creative and innovative product look. 
  • Ensure sustainability, durability, fewer production costs, and eco-friendly packages that offer a healthy eating experience to consumers.
  • Offer several flexible packaging features, like zippers, tear notch, hang holes, and others, to boost your sales. 
  • Offer low MOQ that suits startup business owners and reduces product waste.
  • Fulfill transportation requirements and safety even in bulk orders. 
  • Protect your product from high temperatures and other environmental issues.
  • Offer customers recyclable materials for adding extra value to your supply chain.

However, in the long run, packaging plays a vital role in both marketing and building a brand. So, before selecting one, ask yourself: how do you want your customer to feel when they get your product?


Product packaging is an investment that ensures more sales and revenues for your business. Loyalty, uniqueness, durability, and creative visuals help you to fulfill your dream. Also, to reduce waste, resources costs, and ensure quality recycled plastic material, you can build a healthy eating habits.

Once you invest in the right packaging systems, it pays you in the long term. We hope you get the perfect one after completing the article: how to choose the right food packaging solutions.


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