Tips For Selecting Dry Fruit & Nut Packaging

Dry fruits and nuts are a healthy snack enjoyed by millions of people, even more so when they are packaged desirably.

The compound annual rates of products like dried apricots, cranberries, pistachios, almonds, or raisins are on the rise. People enjoy these dried fruits and nuts as quick delicious snacks on various occasions. So, if you’re going to be selling them you’ve got to package them right.

It’s one thing to have your product packaged in a beautiful bag and it’s another to have them in convenient and portable packaging such as reclosable nut pouches. Keep reading for tips on how to get your dried fruit and nuts packaging right.

Here is the video about how to store dried fruit for long term.

Types Of Dried Fruit Packaging

As a first step, let’s take a look at some of the types of packaging available for dried fruit. You can start by choosing one of the following types of dried fruit packaging for your products.

Dried Fruit Bags

Dried fruit bags make sure that customers are attracted to your product when they come searching for healthy snacks. You can utilize these resealable bags as a better alternative to rigid packaging like jars, bottles, and tins.

The dried fruit bags work to keep moisture and oxygen out of the bag, allowing your customers to enjoy the product for a longer time. In summary, these bags keep your product fresh.

Seed Packaging Bags

Seeds are just as delicate a product and should be protected from harmful environmental conditions. You can opt for custom pouch packaging in natural kraft, frosted, black kraft, or window bags.

Whichever custom packaging you choose, you can be confident that your product will stay in good condition for a long time.

Nuts Packaging Bags 

You can make your nuts more desirable to consumers by offering them convenience. The nut pouches can be made with resealable zippers, stand-up gussets, and an open window that allows them to see the contents of the bag.

How To Package Dry Fruits And Nut The Right Way

People already desire this healthy snack, and one of the surest ways to stand out among competitors is in your custom nut packaging. You need to have the dried fruits and nuts packaged the right way.

Below is how you can add more value to your product through custom packaging.

Adding Value With Reclosable Packaging

Recently, consumers are increasingly buying their food products in bulk whether it’s to save cost per unit, to overcome potential product shortages or in the light of inflation. The problem most people face would be locking out moisture and oxygen from their dried fruits and nuts.

If exposed to moisture, dried fruits and nuts take on a texture that is not pleasant to most people. Not to mention that the dried fruits can lose their color when oxidized.

High quality reclosable bags help to keep moisture out of multiple servings of dried fruits and nuts. This improves consumers’ experience with your product and increases its value especially with large purchases.

Benefits Of Flexible Dry Fruits And Nuts Packaging

Here are some of the benefits of using custom packaging like pouches for your dry fruits and nut products.

Reusable and Resealable

Custom dry fruits and nuts packaging are resealable and reusable for multiple uses. They offer maximum protection and serve as a barrier for the product.

Cost Savings

Custom packaging serves as an all-in-one solution for packaging. It doesn’t require inserts,lids,s or caps. This makes flexible packaging far less expensive than rigid packaging in most cases.


Flexible packaging is typically made in a sustainable fashion, as it requires up to 75% less materials to produce the finished product than rigid packaging.

Heat Sealable

Reclosable bags that are heat sealable provide a tamper-evident finish to the product bag. Heat sealing ensures food safety, maintains freshness, and extends product life.

How To Choose The Right Barrier For Dried Fruits And Nut Pouches

Both dried fruits and nuts are very delicate products, which means that they require high barrier protection. This prevents their exposure to light, moisture, and oxygen, which can damage the product and drastically reduce its freshness.

The level of barrier that you need largely depends on your type of product. Some products do well with transparent packaging, as it resonates well with customers. However, the nature of certain dried fruits and nut products causes them to thrive in metallized packages.

Barrier Need According To Product Type

Below is an expert guide on whether high barrier packaging or medium is well suited to various types of dried fruits and nuts.

Fresh Nuts And Sunflower Seeds

Fresh nuts are seen as a healthier alternative to salted or coated varieties and are usually marketed as “raw.” These nuts are often dried and will oxidize easily due to their fat content.

Sunflower seeds can be salted, coated, or fresh, shelled or unshelled. These seeds contain a lot of fat and become stale quickly.

Barrier Needed: High

Dried And Pasteurized Fruits

Sometimes, fruits are dried and pasteurized with the use of added sugar. For these dried fruits, the vapor barrier is more important to preserve texture and moisture. The oxygen barrier is of lower importance here.

Barrier Needed: Medium 

Coated, Roasted, And Salty Nuts

These types of nut products are highly desired as a treat or snack. They get stale very fast due to their high fat content.

Barrier Needed: Highest

Fruit And Nut Mixes

These mixed nuts and dry fruits are healthy snacks that can be gotten as a low cost package. The fruit and nut mixes allow for innovation and product experimentation. The barrier required depends on the ratio of fruits to nuts.

Barrier Needed: High to Medium

Configurations For Dried Fruit and Nut Packaging

Now that we’ve looked at all the benefits associated with custom packaging for dried fruits and nuts, let’s take a look at some of the options you have when it comes to their flexible packaging


Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are made with a gusset at the bottom, which makes them stand. They usually feature a resealable zipper that locks in freshness.

Flat Bottom

These packaging solutions may also be referred to as a “box bottom bag,” as it features two side gussets and a flat bottom. This flexible packaging is well suited for heavier products.

Single Serve Bags

There are also options for single servings in 2-sealed, 3-sealed, or Fin-sealed packaging features. These equally preserve freshness but its up until the bag is opened.

Dried Fruits

Lay-Flat Pouches

These three-sided sealed pouches are perfect for products that won’t be sitting on the shelf. It’s a great custom dried fruit packaging for products like food, jerky, or candies.

Other options for dried fruit packaging include

  • Stand up pouches
  • Single serving packs

Here is the video about dry fruit packaging design and mockup.


Dried fruits and nuts are healthy and delicious, so many people already want them. Consider whether your product provides them with convenience. You would have your product running out on supermarket shelves in no time.

This is precisely what custom dried fruits and nuts packaging accomplishes for your company. Whether it’s resealable stand-up pouches or reclosable three-sided sealed bags, customers will certainly be drawn to the packaging of your product.


What Is The Best Packaging For Dried Fruits?

Reclosable custom pouches are the best packaging for dried fruits. These keep the product fresh and make the packaging appealing to customers.

What Packaging Materials Should Be Used For Dry Fruits And Nuts?

Dry fruits and nuts bags are typically packaged in a combined material based on BOPP films with interlayer print.


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