flat bottom pouches

Flat bottom bags offer an innovative, on-trend packaging solution for multiple end-markets.It offers exceptional steadiness thanks to its perfect box shape,improving store shelf visibility and enhancing brand appearance.It is the ideal solution for food products such as chocolate, coffee, tea and confectionery, as well as pet food.It is the perfect packaging to promote your super premium quality products.

Additional information


Custom sizes.It depends on your requirement.


Custom full printed colors.Matte finish or Glossy treatment


Custom materials.PET / FOIL / POLY, PET / POLY, PET / MET PET / POLY,Kraft Paper / POLY, BOPP/CPP.recycled material..etc.

Product Details:

Flat Bottom Pouches are also called “Box Pouches or Quad Seal Pouches”. The flat bottom allows all kinds of products for sturdy storage. It holds more weight in compare to Bottom Gusset Pouches.

These pouches have gussets on left and right side, they have gusset on bottom too. Block bottom pouches combine the benefits of a traditional side-gusseted bag and standard stand-up pouches. Box pouch bags feature a relatively narrow profile, are very shelf stable, and they will square up like a box because of the flat-bottom design.

  • 100% food grade , BPA free &migration testing approved material.
  • Easily printable on all the four sides, up to 10 colors each side.
  • For premium products packagings, like high-quality coffee or pet foods or powder.
  • Reclosable / Resealable Zipper ,tap zipper, slider,valve, laser scoring, handle,Clear Window,tear notch.
  • Matte finish or Glossy treatment on the surface.
  • MOQ start from 500pcs.
  • Available for custom printing and custom labels,custom colors,size&material.
  • Industries/applications:Foods,Pet Foods,Home and Garden Products,Health and Beauty Products,Industrial & Other Packaging Options.

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