Why Your Coffee Bag Has a Valve & How Does It Work?

Do you know approximately 75 percent of Americans drink coffee? Moreover, 1 billion people globally drink one cup of freshly roasted coffee daily. It means your coffee shop can earn much if your coffee is worth drinking.

Coffee remains worth drinking as long as it retains its original flavor and aroma. According to a study, coffee beans can hardly stay fresh for a week. Is it enough shelf life for your coffee?

Obviously, no. With such short shelf life, you will have to change your inventory quickly to deliver fresh coffee. It will, in turn, put a strain on your budget. Right?

Don’t worry. I have a solution for this problem, i.e., degassing valves. Read on to learn why coffee bags have valves. I’ll also discuss how the valves work to level up your brand without going over budget.  

Importance of Valves for coffee

Everyone likes to drink fresh each time. Moreover, the taste of coffee depends on its freshness. If it is not fresh, how will customers return to your brand?

You might be thinking about how roasted coffee can be stale. According to research, oxidation and emission of CO2 affect its taste and smell. During the roasting process, carbon dioxide starts building in beans. It is important to degas it.

Moreover, oxygen can attack whole bean coffee much faster. Here come the degassing valves. These valves keep the drink flavorful for an extended period. The following section discusses how the coffee bag valve works.

How does a coffee valve work?

The degassing valves keep the coffee fresh and give it longer shelf life in two ways.

The Valves on a Bag Releases Carbon Dioxide

The One-Way Valves Keeps the Oxygen Out of the Roasted Coffee

Several chemical reactions take place during the roasting process. After coffee roasting, these reactions release carbon dioxide and other volatile gases. These volatile gases add flavor to the product.

But the problem is that they keep emitting. After building up, Co2 and other gases slowly seep out. Roasters call this process degassing.

It is a crucial process to get flavorful coffee. But natural degassing can take days or even weeks. The companies can’t keep the beans or powder open for such a long period of time. 

The oxygen and other dangerous elements will likely react with coffee beans. But, with the continual degassing process, you can’t package the coffee. The gases will pump up the sealed bag.

So what is the solution to these problems? Degassing valves, simple! The structure of these valves acts as a one way vent. The valves have a filter.

It is a particular type of exit point. The filter allows the beans to slowly release carbon dioxide. Hence, degassing enhances the flavor and smell of the coffee.

But it prevents larger molecules, i.e., coffee, from passing through itself. Moreover, it keeps oxygen, moisture, and other harmful elements out. It prevents oxidation, resulting in longer storage life for the roasted beans.

The valves are a great way to give customers a product as close to freshly roast as possible. The valve creates a one-way gas flow out of the bag. It releases any built-up pressure, preventing oxygen from getting inside and affecting the taste of your drink.

It means you can offer a product that’s always fresh and yummy, regardless of how long it has been in storage or transit.

In short, one way valves are airtight packages. They let the carbon dioxide out slowly while preventing the air. Hence, more degassing, more flavor! Less or no oxygen, longer storage life.

The benefits of a degassing valve on coffee bags

With the degassing valve on your package, you can expect the following advantages.

The valve prevents the Coffee from Going Stale & increases its taste

Oxygen is one of the main culprits that cause coffee to lose its taste and smell over time. The presence of oxygen and any other gas or gases negatively affect the product. A degassing valve can prevent the air from entering the packaging.

It thus keeps your drink tasting fresh and delicious for a long period of time. The taste of coffee enhances if you allow the beans to emit gases. The one way valve acts as an escape route for the carbon dioxide created during the roasting process.

Without this valve, the carbon dioxide or other gas would remain inside the package. It would impact the taste of your drink.

The Degassing Valves Maintain the Shape of Packaging

The bag won’t balloon out by releasing the pressure inside the package. It means your packaging will remain in its intended shape. Moreover, this packaged coffee will look aesthetically pleasing on the rack.

Allows Immediate Packaging of Roasted Coffee Beans or Powder

With the degassing valve packaging, you won’t have to wait for the beans to degas before packaging. It means after roasting, you can start packing beans straight away. It significantly reduces the time between production and sales.

How can coffee bag valves level up your brand?

When making your brand stand out, the packaging can be just as important as the beans. Bag valves are one of the best ways to keep your drink fresh. Coffee bag valves help to build customer loyalty.

Customers will enjoy their drink without worrying about its freshness. The customers will trust that your product always tastes great. They will be more likely to keep returning for more.

The valves can help promote your brand. You can create unique shapes of valves that match the branding of your company. For example, suppose your brand consists of a certain shape or color. In that case, you could opt for a custom-shaped valve bag that reflects this.

Coffee bag valves are a great way to save money for your brand. Valves can help you avoid spoilage and waste. They ensure that your product stays fresh and aromatic for longer periods of time. It means you will have to buy less inventory.

Thus, it saves both time and money for your business. You can use this money to fulfill other business tasks.

Different types of coffee packaging with a one-way valve or degassing valve

Several types of coffee bag valves are available in the market. Following are some of the most popular sealed bags to package your branded coffee.

Block Bottom Pouch

This bag has a square bottom. It helps the bag to stand alone on display without any product inside. These pouches are easy to create.

To make these bags, you can use paper, matte, white kraft paper, etc. Moreover, you can fill large volumes of products due to their wide surface area.

Standup Pouches

Another attractive bag is standup pouches. They provide greater protection to products against harmful gas, moisture, etc. You can customize them according to your brand’s requirements.

Moreover, these pouches come in a variety of sizes. Hence, they are ideal if you sell small batches of coffee. Standup pouches are lightweight.

Side Gusseted Bags

They are suitable for packing large volumes of product. Their four gusseted sides provide greater support for heavier products. You can make these bags with different materials.

It includes foil, poly, paper, etc. You can also customize them. For example, you can add a resealable zipper or hang holes to make it customer-friendly.

Lay-Flat Packaging

This bag is ideal if you have low storage space. You can stack these bags one above the other as they can lay flat on shelves. Lay-flat pouches also offer great durability and protection.

Tin Tie Bags

This close form coffee bag has a tin tie on the top. It makes the bag reusable and attractive. Moreover, this feature enhances the product’s life for an extended period.

Your customer will love to reuse the bag without compromising product quality. This bag is also ideal for low-cost marketing as it needs less material to make and store.

Which coffee packaging doesn’t need valves?

Canned coffee doesn’t need one way valves. Companies degas the roasted coffee completely before transferring it to containers. But this process doesn’t meet the safety measures of food products.

It is because the roasters leave the beans to emit carbon dioxide in an open atmosphere. It increases the chances of dust and other particles contaminating them. Hence, the product gets stale before packaging.

Moreover, canned coffee has a short lifespan. It means canned coffee should be consumed quickly after opening the packaging.

To Sum Up

Now, you have aware of why coffee bags have valves. Invest in pouches with valves if you want to see your coffee in everyone’s cup. Coffee packaged in these bags can help you reach potential customers. So don’t wait anymore! Book your order of degassing valve packages and get your drink on every shelf. 


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