How to Select the Perfect Packaging for Your Spice & Herb Business?

Herbs and spices can never go out of style. People like eating food with spice blends and herbs, even in everyday home cooking. The global spice and herb market will reach $ 50.1 Billion in 2028. Additionally, the pandemic has increased the demand for spice powder. The government asked individuals to take an immunity-boosting diet.

And what’s more healthy and flavorful than spice and herb products? With such growth, every spice company is working on standing out from competitors. So how will you survive in such a crowded market?

Your answer might be by providing fresh and flavorful products. You are right. But the question is how you’ll reassure your buyers that your product is fresh. It is the point where premium spice packaging comes to help you.

Read on to learn why custom spice packaging is important. I will also discuss how to select the best spice packaging material.

Why does packaging matter for herbs and spices?

Quality packaging matters to ensure your product’s safety and shelf life. If you do not seal the spices, they can lose their flavor and aroma, leading to unhappy clients. But the right packaging keeps your products fresh, safe, and flavorful for your customers.

Besides this, suitable packaging gives exposure to your spice powder business. Most consumers tend to select their desired spices by reading labels. Provide clear labeling with all the required details. It includes the company’s name, ingredients used, and relevant information. You will be able to reach out to your target audience.

Moreover, if you provide tamper-proof packaging containers, it will increase consumer trust. This packaging assures buyers that their product will be safe during transit.

Factors to consider when selecting spice and herb packaging

Choosing the right container or perfect spice packaging materials is not daunting. There are several spice packaging options. You should consider the following crucial factors when selecting spice packaging.

Make sure your packaging is air-tight.

Spices are delicate. The environment can contaminate them. Choose completely air-tight packaging to ensure your spices remain as fresh as possible. Air-tight packaging prevents oxidation. It needs to preserve the flavor and aroma of your herbs.

Without air-tight packaging, herbs and spices will lose their flavor and color. Their quality will decrease. Furthermore, air-tight packaging prevents your product from dust or other particles. When selecting packaging for your spices, choose highly-resistant material.

Depending on your spice, you may choose:

·         Roll film

·         Zip-lock pouches,stand up pouch with ziplock

·         Resealable jars

You can also use screw caps to make the packaging air-tight. Whatever type of packaging you choose, ensure it keeps your product safe.

Here is the video for spices powder packing.

Choose a material that will protect your spices.

Moisture, rising temperatures, or prolonged exposure to rays can spoil spices and herbs. When selecting herb packaging, the material you choose must protect your product. For example, cardboard containers won’t protect spice against humidity since paper absorbs water.

Moreover, you should choose a safe material when contacting the spice. It should be ideal for indirect contact. Some materials, such as metal, can interact with herbs. It causes them to lose their flavor and aroma. Hence, consider choosing a barrier material like laminated aluminum foil instead.

It will keep your spice safe from any potential contaminants. It also helps preserve its flavor. You can also choose materials like glass grinder jars or spice jars. These containers will support storing the same amount of dressing mixes and seasonings.

Consider the environment when selecting your packaging.

Sustainability is on the rise. Companies are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Hence, choosing sustainable packaging for your spices and herbs is important. Consider using sustainable options such as paper bags, custom resealable pouches, or reusable jars. It will ensure that your packaging is sustainable.

Additionally, you can choose packaging that uses less energy during production. For example, look for packages that don’t need plastic sealing. Moreover, they don’t need extra layers of protective wrapping.

This packaging will show customers your care for the environment. It maintains overall quality. Moreover, it increases customer loyalty.

Invest in custom-printed packaging.

When selecting spice packaging materials, consider how your products will appear when packaged. After all, presentation is key when selling products. Investing in custom-printed packaging is an effective way.

It will differentiate you from competitors and create a lasting impression on customers. Custom printing pouches can add a professional touch to your product. It provides customers with a unique and memorable experience.

This type of flexible packaging or spice packaging also serves as a form of marketing. It lets you draw attention to your product with eye-catching logos and label design. Custom printing pouch adds to the appeal of your products.

You can also provide valuable information about ingredients and the product’s details—moreover, consumer demand details of the items. Hence, in your packages, you may add many things. It includes end dates, ingredient lists, etc. You may also add other helpful advice on empty space.

It will help promote your product and enhance your overall appearance. Moreover, it will let consumers know you care about the quality of your products.

Decide on a style and size.

The spice packaging design should be appropriate for the size and shape of your products. For example, opt for resealable packaging if you sell a smaller package of black pepper or bay leaves. It includes pouches or bags with tear notches. It allows customers to store the product and access the spice contents. You can also place wooden spoons with brand labels in these packages.

For wholesale and bulk buyers, choose rigid packaging containers. It includes a jar or tin. There are several container sizes available. Moreover, they are the right containers for international trade.

These containers will maintain freshness by keeping the contents safe from outside elements. It also makes it easy for people to store their purchases away from heat and light. You can also choose custom sizes to suit your business’s needs.

Types of packaging for your spices and herbs brand

There are many spice packaging designs that you can choose to promote your business. It also helps reach potential customers.

Metal Cans

Can packaging is one of the best packagings in the food industry.

Metal cans, tins, and jars are great for keeping the freshness of your spices. They prevent moisture.

Not to mention, they’re durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

You can use metal tins and jars to store everything. It includes ground spices to whole seasonings, making them excellent for herb packaging.

Their tight-fitting lids offer superior barrier protection and keep herbs fresh. Thus, they are excellent for shelf-stable food items. It includes seasonings and powdered ingredients.

Moreover, they are either made of aluminum, steel, or tin. Hence, you can recycle them afterwards. It is beneficial for sustainability purposes.

Glass or plastic Bottles

Bottles have a classic look that can add sophistication to your herb packaging brand.

They provide a barrier against light and moisture. It helps maintain the quality of your products.

Moreover, FDA has proved that glass is ideal for indirect contact with food.

You can add custom labels, stickers, etc. You can even print on the glass tubes for an attractive look.

Bags or pouches

Another great spice packaging option is a bag or pouch package.

It is the best flexible packaging.

The pouches are recyclable package options.

Additionally, this packaging provides great protection against spice content.

These bags are customizable.

Standup pouches, zipper bags, Kraft pouches, clear packages, block bottom bags, roll stock, etc., are a few examples.

Flexible pouches are a more affordable choice.

Comparison Table

Can packagingBottle packagingBag or pouch packaging
Extends the shelf life of the productKeep the freshness and aroma of spicesTightly sealed pouches provide a great barrier against moisture, air, and UV rays
Metal can may become deformed if they fell downGlass bottles are easy to shatterPouch packaging is flexible. Bags won’t crack, shatter, or rip if they fell down.
Production and transportation of cans are expensiveMore transportation and storage cost Low production and transportation costs
Metal can react with spices.Can’t hang them on the shelf to displayFeatures like hang holes make this packaging easy to display.
Limited sizes are available.You can mold them into desired shapesAvailable in every size, i.e., mini, large, excel, etc.
Aluminum cans are recyclableRestricted customization optionsIt allows full customization. Hence ideal for branding.
 HeavyGlass bottles are heavy Due to flexibility, it is easy to carry them around
Tight-fitting lids are hard to open.Glass is Expensivecost-effective,Perfect for on-the-go applications.
Customers won’t see the product when buyingGive a clear inside viewTransparent pouches provide a clear view of the product inside.
Not so attractiveCan resist high temperaturesLooks attractive and trendy on shelves.
This packaging is more prone to rust. Very Sustainable option,Recyclable
  Either filled or empty, pouches occupy less space stored space
  Features like lightweight,tear notches and zippers make pouches easy to use
  Ideal for packaging large quantities.
  Perfect for storing dry and wet spices.


Which is the best spice packaging?

Custom resealable bags are best for spice packaging. The spices in these bags will be safe from the environment. Moreover, pouch spice packaging is eco-friendly packaging. 

What kind of spices and herbs can you store in plastic bags?

Zipper bags or pouches are ideal for storing any spice. It includes cumin, mustard seeds, cinnamon, etc. You can also store other food items in these bags.

Are clear bags ideal for spice packaging?

Clear bags provide an inside view of the package. These bags also protect the spices from humidity. Hence, they are ideal for your spice packaging.

To sum up:

That’s all about selecting the best packaging for your spice company. There are spice packaging options, whether you deal in spice powder or herb packaging. You should conduct research about the market trends, container sizes, packaging materials, etc. So you can be confident about your next purchase and choose the right container.


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