How to Select the Best Custom Printed Popcorn Packaging Bag?

Popcorn has been among the most popular snacks for hundreds of years in the United States. And globally, these beloved and timeless snacks can be seen on consumers’ shelves. Expert states that in 2016 the Global Popcorn Market was valued at $9,060 million and is expected to reach $15,098 million in 2023. More brands and packaging varieties are available in the ready-to-eat food marketplace. 

But the question is: how do you boost your business in this fastest-growing market and snack food industry? Well, with custom popcorn bags, you can achieve your business goal with trendy brand logo design and product info. Also, these bags can be promotional items to meet consumers’ demands by assuring product quality.

Want to explore more about popcorn bags, its features, types, materials, and ways to select the best packaging? Without more talking, let’s get started! 

What is a Printed Popcorn Packaging Bag?

The printed popcorn packaging bag is known as designed pouches. These bags are made with first-rate graphics technology and provide sustainable solutions. Using these bags, you can preserve your popcorn and keep them crisp and scrummy for a long time. 

Popcorn companies use numerous personalized popcorn bags to deliver the best popcorn with appetizing flavor and visual beauty. Hence, these eye-catchy bags are highly constructive for attracting more customers and persuading them to buy your products. 

5 Types of Custom Printed Popcorn Packaging

The first impression of the product always comes from its packaging. That’s why popcorn companies use unique and custom-printed popcorn bags. 

It highlights their product personality and quality to the top level. Whether you’re packaging popcorn kernels or fully popped popcorn, in the marketplace, you get 5 common types of pouches options, such as –

Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches or doy packs offer you a flexible bulk storage solution. Air-resistant, puncture-free, and spillage-free bags are used in almost every food and health industry. These branded popcorn bags contain gusseted bottoms and side panels that are locked together to help the bag stand up on the shelf or showcase. 

Pillow Pouches

Pillow pouches or back seal bags are an economical and easy-to-fill storing option for snacks. With gloss, matte film, and custom-friendly options, these custom popcorn bags offer high-volume and high-quantity products. It has 3 seals: one at the top, one at the bottom, and another at the back. 

Flat Bottom Bags

Flat bottom bags are famous for custom popcorn packing for their unique designs and sturdy storage. These bags contain gussets on the left, right, and bottom sides, which brings them a perfect box shape and shelf visibility in the store. You can print on all four sides of this pouch in numerous colors and designs. 

Quad Seal Bag

Quad-seal bags are considered a great alternative to stand up bags. These pouches are formed in a traditional square shape and sealed on the four corners of the side gussets. For that reason, they’re also called side-gusseted bags. These pouches with versatile designs gained popularity for packaging snacks like popcorn. 

Lay Flat Pouches

Lay flat pouches are perfect custom popcorn pouches bags. These bags will provide the best solutions to package your popcorn in a more sustainable way. This bag includes a reclosable zipper, laser scoring, and rounded corner on a high-quality plastic flat body. 

Now let’s take a look at the materials of the popcorn bags below. 

What Material is Used for Popcorn Packaging?

Generally, popcorn bags are made with kraft paper and plastic materials, such as LDPE, PET, and PP. All these high-standard materials offer an excellent barrier to ensure food quality and shelf life. However, The snack pouch material depends on some factors, including;

  • Shelf life
  • How it is shipped and handled
  • Packaging costs, and so on.

Let’s take a quick look at mentioned plastic materials’ strength, quality, and other factors below:  

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)

The LDPE is used as the inner layer of popcorn pouches that has a direct connection with food. LDPE film is cheaper than aluminum foil and offers a good moisture barrier. Also, suitable for fresh, clean, and safe shipping over miles of distance. In short, the material is used for its low-temperature flexibility, toughness, and corrosion resistance qualities.

Polyester Film (PET)

The outer layer of pouches. PET offers outstanding strength, dimensional stability, transparency, and chemical resistance to popcorn bag. These packaging materials are used for low-water absorption, printing, and solvent-based coating applications. Also, it is suitable for higher heat resistance than other plastics. 

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a clear glossy film with high strength and puncture-resistance quality. With this material, you experience a moderate barrier to moisture and odors. If you are searching for cost-effective solutions, you can go with it. Also, it offers you excellent aesthetic qualities with chemical resistance. Most industries, like agriculture, food production, commercial, and others prefer to use it. 

After going through the materials of the popcorn bag, it’s time to select the best one to scale up your sales. Without any delay, let’s scroll down to the next section. 

How Do You Select the Best Custom Printed Popcorn Bag?

In the food product marketplace, the most crucial thing is to identify and fulfill consumers’ demands as per their preference. That’s why before choosing the best custom packaging to grow your business, pay attention to:

  • Customer buying persona
  • Offering long shelf life
  • Product quality
  • Range of products
  • Production material costs, and so on.

Below we highlight some core facts that help you to choose the best custom popcorn bags for your business. Let’s get started! 

High-Quality Packaging Material

Popcorn pouches offer high-standard plastic and paper quality that ensures durability. Also, pay attention to custom pouches’ secure solutions that help to avoid environmental rigors. However, remember that high-quality custom popcorn bags offer you a waterproof, puncture-resistant barrier and are capable of bulk storage production. 

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Packaging

As per statistics, 86% of consumers show a willingness to pay more for sustainable packaging. And from 2020 to 2028 global green packaging is expected to grow at 6.1% of CAGR. Why? The reason is high-quality preservation solutions and longer shelf life. And all these factors play a vital role to convince your consumers to buy more ready-to-eat and on-the-go snack foods. 

Note: Custom popcorn bags are produced with mono material such as PE/PE, PE/EVOH/PE that is recycled.

Reclosable and Resealable Packaging

Functional pouches come with zippers, tear notch, hang holes, and others that fulfill consumers’ multiple uses and product freshness. Also, these features help your service or product go long way, especially for snack products. If you want to keep the contents fresh, and free from air, odor, and moisture in an airtight environment, you can go with these bags.

Full Print and High-Definition Graphics

You can achieve your popcorn business authenticity in the marketplace with creative bag styles, formats, customize logo, and bag size. According to the survey, 81% agreed that packaging design influences most to confirm purchasing. So, to fulfill your consumers’ needs, pay attention to quality graphics and product info. Also, these bags work as brand promotional items to promote your product.

Cost-Saving Custom Packaging

Custom bags that offer you cost-effective solutions for bulk and are light enough for shipping ensure businesses’ growth. Also, businesses on a budget or larger ones both get great returns from the customer side. You can reduce extra costs from manufacture to shipping for its lightweight packaging, bag size, and shapes.

Convinced enough about popcorn pouches solutions to boost your service? You might search for the most trustable, quality-maintained, and fast-turnaround online best sources. Scroll down below and get your preferable one. 

Get The Best Custom Printed Popcorn Bag to Buy Online

You learned proficient knowledge of popcorn packing, its types, manufacturing materials, and more in the above. Now, you will get a suggestion on how to buy custom popcorn bags online. 

You will get plenty of online pouch manufacturers who provide popcorn bags. But from the best source, like XinLei Flexible Packaging Co., Limited, you get all customized solutions in one place.

You can ask, Why? Their popularity lies in durable, flexible, and branded popcorn bags. Let’s clear up! 

Offer Lower Carbon Footprint

All custom pouches items of this company are 100% BPA-free and have food-grade, migration-testing approval certifications. These certifications guaranteed that their pouch’s materials maintain food safety and natural taste.

Adhere to Quality 

They create high-quality bags to ensure popcorn’s standard and value. And these custom popcorn bags bring perfection to your popcorn preservation and supply with a fast lead time. Also, they offer a free sample request service so that you can clarify their printing quality.  

Fast Turnaround 

The efficient manufacturing process of this company will ensure in-time delivery of your personalized popcorn bags. Also, they are capable of providing door-to-door shipping service. Their delivery time schedule varies on your bulk recommendation, such as they take 22 days for mass production.

Cost-effective Solutions

This company provides plenty of wholesale popcorn bags with MOQs on same-day shipping facilities. It’s very effective for their global clients. Are you an entrepreneur and plan for a start-up? Then you can enjoy the MOQ offer of 1000pcs/sku. For more details contact now.

Customized Pouches 

When taking custom popcorn or branded popcorn bags from XinLei, you get several customized solutions, like the brand logo, high-res prints, sizes, in-depth product info, etc. For small quantities, they offer digital print for small quantity and gravure printing for big quantities. Also, to scale up your sale and grab customers faster, they offer pixel-perfect design solutions. 


Popcorn gained global acceptance and popularity for its unique taste and flavor. And these custom-printing bags are crucial for meeting your business’s sales funnel target. Custom solutions play a vital role in building your popcorn brand’s visibility, authenticity, and loyalty. 

At the end of this article, we hope you will get the most trendy and creative popcorn bags to fulfill your product goal. Go forth and get your customized bags! 


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