Why Custom Packaging Is The Right Choice For Potato Chips

The first thing people see when they want to buy chips is the packaging, so you’ve got to make it count. One sure way to do so is to get custom chip packaging.

Custom chip bags offer excellent protection for your product and make them more attractive. It also reduces brands’ carbon footprint. This makes it a preferred sustainable choice for customers.

Producers package potato chips in many ways. If you fail to get your custom packaging right, you may as well bid farewell to an increase in sales.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Chips Packaging

It would be best if you got your potato chip bags made right. It will positively impact how long your product lasts on the shelves. Hopefully, it will be short so that the demand for your potato chips keeps increasing.

These are some factors you need to consider when choosing your chips packaging.

  1. Type Of Packaging Available

It’s nice to have a few options for packaging since your company’s needs may change over time. It would help to establish how you want your brand to appear to potential customers. Then based on this, settle on a type of custom packaging.

You may be looking to give your potato chips bag a new look. There are options like roll stock films, lay-off pouches, or stand-up pouches that will do that. You can use popular features like sustainable or child-proof packaging for your packaging.

You can also get high-quality chips packaging for your potato chips. Options like custom smell-proof mylar bags as they incorporate the following essential innovations:

  • Sustainable printing designs
  • High-barrier properties for enhanced freshness
  • Personalized designs
  • Odor and moisture resistance
  • Anti-counterfeit QR codes
  1. Packaging Design And Personalization

You may already know that your potato chip design plays a significant role in your sales. The packaging serves as a billboard that tells your brand story.

XinLei Flexible Packaging Co., Limited uses state-of-the-art equipment and printing technology. We create custom chip bag designs that are appealing to your potential customers. You can even customize design features like the following into your packaging:

  • Notches
  • Transparent or clouded windows
  • Custom-sizing
  • Metalized films
  • Vapor barriers

You can also use a variety of attractive finishes for your bags. Then there are specialty laminate films for the potato chip bags.

  1. Ability To Keep Potato Chips Fresh

Your custom chips packaging design will attract people to buy your product. But, if it fails to keep your chips crispy and fresh, those customers will not return for more.

So, the personalized graphics of your chip’s packaging is essential. But it would help if you made sure the producer makes them in a way that preserves their content. You must have created a delicious product. So, the bags should be able to maintain freshness until the customers eat them.

If you select your custom packaging right, the freshness remains preserved, regardless of whether your customer keeps some leftover chips in the bag for later. This is because the bag will lock moisture and oxygen out when they reseal it.

  1. Packaging Manufacture Duration

Have you ever been in a situation where you have your delicious chips ready but no bags to package them in? It may seem far-fetched, but it is possible. This is because some manufacturers take long periods for certain types of packaging.

It is different for custom chip bags because of their digital printing technology. It offers a much more streamlined production process. The technology provides greater versatility and speed in creating your chip packaging.

This allows you to capitalize on timely promotions for your product. You can even bring new products to the market early.

Why You Need Custom Chips Packaging

You’ll need to consider the factors listed above. Then you’ll find that custom packaging is what you need for your potato chips. We are going to bolster this further. So, here are some fascinating and beneficial features of custom chip bags.

  1. High-Quality Films

The metalized films extend shelf life and maintain the product’s freshness. This is due to the superior barrier it offers against oxygen and moisture.

  1. Puncture Resistance And Durability

The packaging protects your product from external elements like tampering. Still, the packaging ensures that your customer can take their potato chips on the go.

  1. Spot Gloss + Embellishments

Custom chip bags offer a variety of packaging that is as unique as your product. You can decorate your potato chip bags with spot gloss. You can also add embellishments or metallic reveal.

4. Photo Quality Graphics

The vibrant printed images and graphics make your product stand out. This enables it to get quickly finished on supermarket shelves. It differentiates your product from its competition.

5. Lightweight Packaging

Custom chip bags are lightweight, easy to transport, and save fuel costs. This makes it a preferred choice for producers and consumers alike.

Custom Chip Packaging Vs. Pringles Chip Packaging

Most people are used to the classic three sides sealed chip packaging pouch, but not all companies do that. Pringles are typically packaged in different designs and made with other materials. So, we’ll be comparing this packaging with the flexible packaging option.

The Pringles packaging prevents the constant crumbling of potato chips when moving. It is a resealable container made from a paperboard tube, a plastic top cap, and a metal bottom cap.

The Pringles packaging did well to prevent crumbling, but the materials made recycling quite tricky. So, people best throw it in the trash can. In recent times, the company has incorporated eco-friendly options into its packaging.

However, all the Pringles packages will eat up the space of the trash can, it is not eco-friendly. Custom chip packaging bags are more cost-effective than Pringles packages

Can You Recycle Regular Potato Chip Bag?

Let’s look at the quality of regular potato chip bags.

Most times, your customers concern themselves with the potato chips taste. They are also attracted to the food packaging appearance. People don’t usually think about the effect of the potato chip bag on the environment. Neither do they consider whether it can be recyclable.

Many packaging for chips comprises materials like polyethylene. These standard materials are often low-density. This makes the recycling process difficult.

On top of that, chip packaging may contain various plastics. This is very tasking for recycling companies to separate. So, it’s best not to send it for recycling since it leads to an unavoidable waste of time.

Are Regular Chips Packaging Biodegradable?

Chips packaging made from plastic materials is not biodegradable. This is especially true if these materials contain aluminum. They do break down, but this happens after hundreds of years.

Even after they biodegrade, they still don’t disappear from the environment. They reduce to microplastics which remain in the soil for many more years.

Where To Get Custom Chips Packaging

You now know the importance of custom chip packaging. This is because sustainable options offer many benefits for brands. Yet, where you get your potato chip bags will determine how effective it is—both in design and the preservation of your product.

XinLei Flexible Packaging Co., Limited offers many sustainable options for packaging potato chips. We make personalized packaging for your potato chips. This is to tell your brand story while keeping your product crispy. It ensures that your customers don’t eat soggy chips.

You can choose to have your design printed roll stock films, stand-up, or lay flat pouches depending on which food packaging resonates best with your brand objectives.

Having been in the business for over 20 years, we have learned the ins and outs of flexible packaging. We can create custom chip bags that you and your consumers will love.


It’s not enough to have delicious potato chips. You should ensure that the packaging speaks to the consumer. That includes a captivating design and features.

Features that keep your product fresh by locking oxygen and being an excellent moisture barrier. You can watch some YouTube videos, to aid your choice.

Are you ready to up your potato chips packaging? Call XinLei Flexible Packaging Co., Limited for a quote today.


What Materials Are Used To Make Custom Potato Chip Packaging?

Manufacturers use polymer materials in multiple layers to make custom potato chip bags. The coating can be Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) on the outside. And metalized OPP is in the middle. Finally, Then low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is inside, in direct contact with the chip.

Why Are Potato Chips Packaged In Nitrogen?

Nitrogen keeps your potato chips from oxygen which can cause them to rot. It also forms a cushion around the chips. This prevents them from crumbling and becoming undesirable to consumers.

The nitrogen also makes it much easier for consumers to detect punctured bags. This is because it allows the air to go in and out more.

What Is The Best Way To Package Potato Chips For Sale?

We recommend using flexible packaging like stand-up , lay-flat pouches ,pillow pouches or roll film stock. They are suitable packages for your potato chips on sale. These are effective custom chip packaging options for your product.


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