How to Reduce Packaging Costs: 10 Tips to Cut Packaging Cost

Packaging plays a critical role in impressing customer and offering them a smooth delivery experience. That’s why manufacturers also spend billions yearly on product packaging. 

Here, the product size, weight, and packaging materials handle the shipping costs throughout the supply chain. 

Do you want to earn extra revenue without wasting more? Or looking for ways to reduce packaging costs? Go through the article now to explore,

  • What is the packaging?
  • Factors of packaging costs for small businesses & enterprises.
  • How to reduce shipping costs? 

Sounds exciting, right? Without wasting words, let’s get started!

What is Custom Packaging Bag?

Before heading to the main point, let’s acknowledge what packaging is.

Packaging is defined as wrapping material that provides a protective and informative covering around consumer items. It protects the product during storage, maintenance, and shipping. 

On the other hand, custom bags offer flexibility to fulfill your brand’s requirements and product design. It’s not only a generic shipping box or rigid packaging that the product only fits in. With this advertising-friendly packaging, you can boost your sales by creating a strong brand narrative. 

10 Advanced Tips to Reduce Packaging Costs

From the world’s largest packaging company to startups, desire to reduce packaging costs. Take a closer look at marketing hacks and facts on reducing packaging costs.

1. Choosing the Right Packing Materials and Methods

According to Forbes, 90% of Generation X (Gen X) and Z consumers state that they prefer sustainable options and will spend an extra 10% or more on them. Why? Because of eco-friendly retail packaging. For its lightweight, high-quality food grade, and cost-effective packaging solutions, business owners like you and customers experience lots of benefits. 

2. Using Pouches Instead of Containers

One of the best ways to reduce product packaging costs is to replace containers with pouches. Want to know why you change? The most crucial factor in the packaging industry is maintaining product safety, shelf life, and quality. Containers come with heavier weight and require extra maintenance costs.

On the other hand, versatile used pouches offer you a flexible and lightweight product shipping experience with customized options.

3. Avoid Multiple-Color When Designing Your Packaging

Besides several packaging types, colors are another factor in building a strong visual connection with customers. The structural packaging designs stand out from the rest and highlight your brand’s authenticity. 

93% of consumers confirm purchase based on visual appearance, whereas 85% are heavily influenced by color combination. For this reason, you can go with one or two color combinations to build strong color psychology. Fewer colors require fewer cylinders and printing ink, which will save costs.

4. Print The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Another important factor is print bags as per your product’s requirements. If you start your business or plan to run one, ordering bulk will cost higher. So, the best approach would be to print the minimum order quantity (MOQ). That way, you won’t need to spend more and can reorder when required. 

Note: At UFoodPouch, you get short runs, low MOQ (1000pcs), and customized printing options.

5. Save Money by Using Custom Printing

Custom, or versatile printing options offer a stunning and creative outlook of products inside and outside. With a pleasant surprise, consumers discover fresh and quality products with reclosable or resealable options. Expose lavish and high-quality graphics from your brand logo’s simplicity to minimalist bag design.  If the quantity of each design is very small, and there are several SKUs, using digital printing can save the cost. For larger quantities, gravure printing offers cost-effective solutions, because the cylinders can be reused with reorders.

6. Cut Packaging Costs by Roll Films

Another great way to save packaging costs is using roll films. The printed film can be used in any packaging format during the form, fill, seal, and delivery process. Also, it is helpful for horizontal and vertical FFS applications and manual or automatic machinery. The films require less energy and produce less waste compared to traditional printing methods. 

Note: If the thickness of the roll stock film is thinner, the raw material cost is lower.

7. Going With Minimalist Packaging Design

One of the hottest packaging trends in the eCommerce marketplace is minimalist packaging design. Environment-friendly, shipping cost-effective, and trendy outlook emphasize consumers most. Also, minimalism offers benefits, including – 

  • Offer appealing simplicity and honesty of product, 
  • Maintain a neat and sophisticated packaging view,
  • Minimize fuel consumption to reduce carbon footprint, etc. 

Apart from the outlook, you don’t need to count extra packaging costs for shipping. 

8. Measure Delivery Units and Routes

Do you ever calculate the cost per unit and the distance of the delivery routing? How many boxes can fit inside your delivery transport is equally important to cut costs. For example, with a max of 30, your transport won’t allow or leave with 15 or less. So, to smooth your production line consider this factor.

9. Reduce The Packaging Size as Small as Possible

Packaging costs also depend on product size and weight. For example, personal care or cosmetics bags don’t need to use bulk-sized pouches compared to popcorn packaging bags. Match the packaging with each product before using the packaging. Also, you can reduce the space and costs too.

10. Be Aware of Packaging Laws and Regulations

The last yet more important packaging process factor is to ensure the state laws to avoid hefty fines. For example, if you are selling weed in a state like Alaska, you need to provide child-resistant cannabis pouches. 

On the contrary, Colorado demands specific cannabis product info before selling. So, if you overlook these facts, your business will pay more and suffer in the long run. Also, you can go through the packaging process or design factors if needed. 

After completing the advanced tips, scroll down to acknowledge ordering factors.

How are Custom Packages Priced?

Custom eCommerce packaging or customized pouches is much more than printed cardboard. That’s why customized bag pricing depends on several factors that influence the final price. Let’s go through the core custom-printed pouches or bag packaging factors below: 

Size and Shape of the Package

The first and foremost factor is to consider the custom-sized packaging and shape. From bulk packaging for small businesses to large businesses, you need to determine it first. Also, you can cut extra costs by ordering the perfect product sizing. 

Material Types 

Another important factor is packaging materials. In the marketplace, you get several materials for customized solutions, including paper, plastic (PET, HDPE, PP,Alu foil etc.), and others. The material pricing differ on durability, strength, product shelf life, and product quality.

Printing Costs

The costs depend on the customized options, printing quality, and printing methods such as digital, screen, and many others. Also, to fulfill your brand’s requirements, you may use different colors, fonts, image quality, etc.

Are you selling products online? Then you’ll need to consider the shipping custom pouches factors that also impact the total cost. 

Shipping Costs and Order Quantities 

The costs can vary widely depending on your packaging size, weight, urgency, handling, and shipping destination. So, it is wise to get quotes from several different carriers before you order product pouches. 

Now let’s jump into the top 10 advanced tricks to reduce extra costs from the product supply chain. 

Things to Consider When Opting for Custom Packaging 

Packaging is all about your customer’s first experience with your brand or business. Day by day, the eCommerce marketplace becomes more saturated and comes with new challenges. With creative and clear packaging representation, you ensure your strong position. 

That’s why before ordering from a packaging supplier or manufacturer, you need to clarify some factors, like:

Details of the Packaging Company

Before choosing or completing your custom bags order, make a list of the top packaging companies, i.e., XinLei Flexible Packaging Co., Limited. Also, consider reviews, portfolios, experts, and working procedures. All these factors help you to achieve your business goal by satisfying customers’ demands. 

Packaging Materials 

Material quality and durability earn consumers’ trust and loyalty. With aesthetically pleasing packaging, your business will reach higher traffic and revenues. As per Google’s 2022 digital marketing trend report, the flexible custom packaging company offers high-quality packaging materials to meet your planned budget and goals. 

Printing and Finishing Quality

Eye-catchy color combo, brand & product info, labeling, and theme ensure a successful sales and packaging line. Do you ever look at Yojoki tea or UFoodPouch’s wet pet food packaging bag? Lively colors with the perfect brand and product recognition steal the heart of their customers.

So, pay attention to those factors for delivering the right messages to your customers. 

Set a Packaging Budget

Some companies offer a 1000 minimum ordering budget, but the ratio is huge for small businesses or entrepreneurs.

So, consider your shipping quantity, packaging size, and shapes based on consumers’ needs. An industry-friendly custom packaging company also helps to reduce logistics and warehousing costs.

Customer and Technical Support

Customized services like pouches or shipping packaging require flexible customer service when you face any issues. Sometimes you need clarification or desire to implement or redesign for a better outcome. You can easily and effectively solve those issues if the company has strong technical support. 


After completing the article on how to reduce packaging costs, we hope you get effective resources to scale up your business. Now, it’s time to switch your packaging to flexible pouches, which minimizes delivery costs and ensures a damage-free product. 

Also, remember that custom bags leaves a long-lasting impact on brand loyalty, social sharing, and revenue. 

Are you ready to redesign and count more revenues?


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