The Ultimate Guide to Wet Pet Food Packaging

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Consumers, retailers, and producers in today’s packaging industry prefer wet pet food packaging solutions that have less impact on the planet. Also, offer them cost-friendly; yet healthy food product options. From ingredients to procession and packaging, every stage requires successful food development. 

Also, food packages design evoke consumers the most because they get proper food details. Are you curious to experience: 

  • Which trends among pet owners are affecting the wet food market? 
  • What demands do they have on the packaging, and what are the innovation opportunities? 

By going through this article: Wet pet food packaging, you’ll know which packaging materials are best for pets. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

What is Wet Pet Food Packaging?

Wet pet food packaging provides a protective, high-barrier laminate foil and informative cover or bag to store food. These packaging bags are suitable for higher moisture pet wet foods. Generally, these types of pet foods are stored in the form of chunks in gravy, loaf, and others. 

Wet pet food products are more nutritious, low-carb, and low-calorie foods for your lovely dogs or cats. These foods are made by combining different components in a recipe and stored in pouches or canes. 

According to pet owners, pet food manufacturers, and suppliers, laminated materials are ideal for these pet foods. The main reason lies in its excellent barrier packaging properties. Also, laminated foil packaging offers several alternatives for a wide range of pet foods and treats. 

It’s time to explore different packaging features, bag materials, and other things. But before diving deeper, let’s look at some benefits below. 

Benefits of Using Wet Pet Food Packaging 

In this online era, you get different marketing options and packaging solutions. But some maintain pet food quality and balanced nutrition. The reason lies in proper packaging solutions that might cause unwanted exposure. Storing and maintaining wet pet food requires high-quality packaging solutions. Products containing protein, fats, and nutrition might become toxic to the oxidation effect. 

To avoid these issues, food packaging manufacturers focus on pet food product packaging. Let’s scroll down to find out more about the packaging benefits below: 

Food Taste and Quality

Pet food packaging manufacturers prefer to serve high-quality products by maintaining quality. You may wonder how long you can keep and store pets’ food. Both packagings (pouches & cans) offer you a long shelf life. 

Portability & Sustainability

Storing food in an airtight pouch, metal cans, or plastic container offers germ-free and healthy food like its original state. Also, you can carry these packaged foods anywhere with your pet. 

Eco-Friendly or Environmentally Friendly

You always prefer eco-friendly solutions and resealable packaging for your furry family member. Packaging materials like pouches are ideal for the environment and ensure the pet’s food quality. 

Cost Saving

Packagings are the best source to store bulk pet foods for a long-time. Also, some wet food packagings, like pouches, offer you high visibility on the retail shelves. From custom design print to shapes, you experience several; yet effective bag styles. 

You may notice revolutionary changes in wet food packaging in pet food manufacturing or pet food packaging companies. Are you eager to reveal: why manufacturers and suppliers shift the packaging process from canned to pouches? Let’s explore together! 

Canned vs. Pouches: Which One for Wet Pet Food Packaging?

When you want to serve your furry friend enjoyable and nutritious food, you must choose the best one. But in the marketplace, you get several pet food packaging bags, as we mentioned above. You might be worried about thinking: should you feed your pet canned or pouches food? Or, which one offers healthy meals maintaining real food aroma and taste? Let’s take a closer look at some essential factors about these packaging below: 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Canned and Pouch Foods

For sustainable pet food packaging, manufacturers and consumers often wonder which packaging offers the best food quality. As you know, pouches are lighter than cans, which means it requires less energy and maintenance costs. 

For more details, let’s look at below: 


If you plan for an outing with your lovely pet, canned wet pet food is not safe enough to carry for its extra weight. 

On the contrary, pouches require less space to store wet pet products and offer you a flexible journey. 


A tin-coated layer of cans can cause leakage to your cat or dog food and has a few health hazards for metal materials. Pet food pouches offer a secure and healthy high-barrier that protects oxygen, moisture, and infestation. 

Ease of Use 

Canned food has no resealable or reclosable features. Also, the canned material may injure their face if you attempt to feed them directly from the can. 

On the contrary, pouches are easy to open, and you can feed your pet directly or store food. Pouch bag structures give you several reclosable/resealable options. 

Shelf Space 

Tin cans take up more space than pouches and require more maintenance. From food packaging to shipping or marketing, this packaging needs extra concern. Also, it will only benefit bulk products stored in a different space.

On the other hand, pouches offer flexible sizes, from stand-up pouches to other bag styles. And that’s why more store owners prefer lightweight and different shapes pouches. Also, pouches allow more products in the same space. 


Canned materials are aluminum, tin-coated steel (tinplate), and electrolytic chromium-coated steel (ECCS). These materials could lead to the contamination of your kitty’s food and cause health issues. 

On the other side, the material of wet pet food pouches is PET/FOIL/RCPP, PET/NY/RCPP, PET/AL/NY/RCPP, etc. All these materials help to maintain food quality. 

Shelf Stable packaging 

Cans’ lifespan is typically two or five years. But this timespan isn’t fixed because the food inside your cans may have changed to spoil after opening. Also, the metal can transfer into your pet’s food after the period. 

Using pouches, you explore the most extended tested shelf life of around eight to ten years. Also, there is no need for any packaging solution over this timespan. 

Marketing Value 

Generally, tin cans come in a circular shape, which means you might offer less brand information that won’t fulfill consumer demand. 

Stand up, flat, side gusseted, and other pouches packaging bag styles influence the success of your product. Also, the customization designs give consumers an informative and stylish experience. 


Cans or jars packaging is heavy enough, which requires extra production costs, including shipping, marketing, and others. Also, demand additional customization charges. 

On the contrary, the cost of Custom-printed pouches is much lower than Cans or Tins. 

You can successfully achieve your business goal with this high-quality printing and branding information.

Still worried about thinking, why choose pouches? Go through the next section for in-depth material, food quality, and production process details. 

Why Should You Choose Pouches Instead of Cans?

As per statistics, the global pet food packaging market size in 2018 was USD 11.41 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% in the forecast period. According to the pet food packaging market, pouches’ sustainable packaging solutions will offer 80% of sales in 2022. Isn’t the sales ratio inspiring enough? Well, you must be curious thinking about: what are the facts and insights benefits of pouches? 

When you want to feed the correct amount of wet foods daily, pouches will be your best friend to a happy and healthy kitty; because pouches ensure – 

Quality of the product 

As a cat owner, your concern is maintaining your pet’s health. Pouches ensure sturdy and attractive pet food packaging bags without imparting any odors or tastes. 

Packaging solutions Apart from tin, pouches offer you several eye-catchy packaging solutions. You get flexible options from stand-up pouches to laminated films or pillow bags. 

High-quality Packaging 

Pouches offer you custom full printed colors, matte finish, or glossy treatment. Also, you get several branding and product information in one bag. 


Pouches in pet food packaging are 100% BPA-free, food-grade, and migration-testing-approved material. All these certifications are required to ensure food safety. 

Custom Size & Zipper Options 

Pouches offer several sizing options to suit your pet’s food needs. Also, you get reclosable/resealable zipper, tap zipper, hanging holes, and different customization options. 

After going through these factors, we hope you have clarity between pouches and canned packaging. As a cat or dog owner, you always choose your best to give them an enjoyable and healthy life. 


Sustainable and flexible solutions offer several opportunities for packaged wet foods for cats and dogs. At the end of this article: wet pet food packaging, you have your preferred and most trendy packaging solution for your pet. 

From packaging to storing food products, pouches offer you several benefits and a healthy feeding journey. Ready to give them fresh, nutritious, and delicious wet foods? 


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