Why You Need Custom Packaging Bags For Your Frozen Foods

The global frozen food market is currently at $223.94 billion. This means more people opt for ready-to-go food. If you’re going to excel in this market, you’ve got to get your packaging right.

The frozen food market should grow by 6.1% in 2026. And custom packaging is one way to ensure your products get off the shelves as quickly as you supply them. The custom bags stand out to consumers while telling your brand story.

As much as custom packaging is a sure way to make the most of the frozen food market, it’s easy to get it wrong. This article will guide you through switching to custom packaging for frozen foods.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Frozen Food Packaging Bags?

At this point, it’s no news that the frozen food market is doing well and will continue to grow. There are several options when it comes to packaging your product.

But you should package them in efficient yet consumer-friendly bags. And that’s exactly what custom frozen food packaging bags offer. Below are some significant upsides to using custom packaging for your frozen foods.

Builds Brand Awareness

Packaging frozen food in custom bags is a great way to advertise your product and brand.

Custom frozen food packaging allows you to provide information about that particular product. As well as showcasing your brand, your message, and other products you offer.

It allows you to create a design and style that are particular to your brand. If done right, the packaging is enough to drive consumers to buy your product. This will also improve your brand’s reputation.

If the custom packaging is of high quality, there is a high chance that your customer will do an unboxing video. Then post it on social media such as Instagram. The video will, of course, begin with showcasing your packaging.

Sets Your Product Apart

There are thousands out there struggling for the spotlight in the frozen food market. With custom frozen food packaging, you won’t struggle; you’ll have your spotlight.

The custom design sets your product apart from the others on the shelves. This will increase sales.

Reduced Delivery Cost

Custom packaging for frozen food is a cost-effective option compared to standard packaging. This is because standard packaging is rarely made to fit your product. And you may end up paying shipping fees even for unneeded packaging.

But manufacturers make custom frozen food packaging for your product. This means savings on shipping costs. The savings may not be evident immediately but will be significant in the long run.

Creates A Memorable Customer Experience

Your customer should have a great experience with your packaging. This will positively impact your sales and revenue. They will enjoy unboxing the product if you get your custom packaging right.

Other features like fragranced elements or resealable locks improve their practicality. They will especially love the packaging if it is helpful before and after unpacking.

Sustainable Option

People are becoming conscious of their environment. They are striving to lower their carbon footprint. So, investing in sustainable packaging will positively affect the success of your business.

Custom packaging is eco-friendly. It also prevents waste in some cases due to its resealable locks. Flexible packaging for frozen foods will make your product more desirable to consumers.


After the package beauty, customers concern themselves with how easy it is to use. Luckily, flexible packaging provides just the convenience needed for frozen food packages.

Custom frozen food packaging proves to be convenient for both the brand and the consumer. You should emphasize this convenience with custom packaging. You’ll surely find the flexible packaging suited for your product.

Consider including resealable features, regardless of if your product is for single or multiple servings. This will undoubtedly draw customers back to your product again and again.

Custom Packaging For Frozen Food

Choosing the right custom packaging for your frozen foods starts with choosing the right manufacturer. Here are some of the offerings XinLei packaging prides in with our custom frozen food packaging.

Save Cost on Frozen Food Packaging

Our custom frozen food packaging is a cheaper alternative to rigid packaging. We offer competitive rates to ensure you get the most out of your frozen food packaging budget. Explore your options today.

Fast lead times

We offer quick production in comparison to other flexible packaging manufacturers(18days). And another upside is the fact that all custom packaging for frozen food is of the highest quality.

Custom-sized frozen food packaging

Our options make it seamless to build custom-sized packages for your frozen food. We work with specifications that fit each of your products.


We understand the hassle associated with Minimum Quantity Orders and so offer a relatively low MOQ (1000pcs)for custom frozen food packaging.

FDA-approved packaging

We take pride in offering FDA-approved flexible packaging for your frozen foods. Not to mention we offer sustainable options that you and your customers will love.

Art and design services

We offer the key aspect of your custom packaging by handling the design that gets it to stand out. It doesn’t matter whether you need a logo or brand identity design, we got you covered.

Custom Frozen food packaging materials

We use materials that are flexible yet rigid enough to provide adequate protection to your frozen foods. This includes oxygen and moisture barrier to protect the meal within.

Flexible Packaging Options For Frozen Food Bags

Even with custom packaging for frozen foods, you have a variety of options to choose from. Your frozen food bag choice will depend on the product type.

Here are three packaging options offered at Xinlei Flexible Packaging Co., Limited

Stand-Up Pouch

Stand-up pouches have a broad face, back, and a gusseted bottom, making them stand. It offers ample space to showcase your brand’s creative product design. The pouch also features several valuable features like tear notches, heavy-duty zippers, etc.

Square Bottom Bag

A square-bottom bag features a flat bottom and two side gussets. It also lets you showcase your product’s design on its face and back.

3 Seal Pouch

The 3-seal pouch has seals on three of its sides, just like the name implies. It features lay out packaging and will draw attention to your frozen food on supermarket shelves.

Seals For Custom Frozen Food Packaging

Tear Notch Packaging

Tear-notch packaging features a small slit across one or both sides. It allows the consumer easy access to frozen food since all they need to do is tear it.

The tear notch makes the product long-lasting and makes the custom bags stand out on shelves. When manufacturers create custom freezer bags, this feature proves to be beneficial to the customer.

Zipper Top Packaging

Frozen foods are typically made to last for many servings, and a zipper top will be helpful for reopening.

The zipper allows your customer to collect a little at a time and simply zip the bag closed each time. This maintains the freshness of your product for as long as possible.

Does Custom Frozen Packaging Offer Protection To My Product?

Frozen foods are usually kept and used for a long time. So, the type of packaging you choose directly impacts your customer’s impression of your product.

You won’t have to worry about protection with custom packaging. This is because custom bags consist of films and barriers. These frozen food packaging materials protect them from oxidation and dehydration.

How To Choose The Right Custom Packaging For Your Frozen Food

Choosing a suitable custom frozen food bag can take time and effort. So, you’ll need proper guidance from your flexible packaging manufacturers. That’s after they’ve evaluated the specifications of your product.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing custom frozen food packaging.

  • The durability of the packaging material
  • Whether the packaging material is of high quality.
  • The costs associated with the packaging
  • The convenience when dealing with the manufacturer
  • Whether the packaging features safety features like tamper-evident seals
  • Sustainability

XinLei Flexible Packaging Co., Limited offers a variety of high-quality packaging for your frozen foods. We’ll be glad to help you make the right choice as regards your packaging. 


The frozen food market is booming. So, as frozen food manufacturer, you should implement valuable tactics to ensure your business succeeds. One sure way to do this is in your product packaging. Custom packaging gives you control over how your brand appears to consumers.

Custom packaging is also a sustainable option. It will resonate with many consumers concerned about their carbon footprint. Not to mention the shipping costs it saves you as the manufacturer.

Contact Xinlei Flexible Packaging Co., Limited to get started on your custom frozen food packaging today.


Is Custom Frozen Food Packaging Recyclable?

The material used to make the custom frozen food packaging determines its effectiveness. XinLei Flexible Packaging Co., Limited offers custom frozen food packages that are recyclable.

What‘s The Best Frozen Food Packaging Option For Large Shipments?

If you plan to ship large amounts of your product, flexible packaging is a suitable way to package them. In comparison to rigid packaging, flexible packages are easier to transport. This is because they are lighter and more compact.

This simple transportation method saves the manufacturer money while also helping the environment.


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