Introducing Custom Candy Bags to Boost Your Brand in a Sweet & Affordable Way

Candy, especially mints, is one of the world’s favorite sweet snacks. According to recent stats, the global candy market reached $ 194.37 billion last year. Moreover, there will be a 3.8 percent CAGR growth in the worldwide candy business till 2028.

What does this mean? It means the competition is tough. You have to make a lot of effort to stand out. Now you might be thinking much effort in marketing means a significant investment.

It doesn’t always have to be true. Custom candy bags can boost your brand in an affordable way. Yes, you have heard right! Personalized candy packaging is a low-cost marketing tool.

Read on to learn the excellent benefits of custom packaging for your candy. I’ll show you how custom bags can increase your revenue.

Importance of personalized candy packaging

Packaging is the first thing that people see. Good packaging attracts customers to your product. Moreover, effective packaging is one of the five Ps in marketing strategies.

But what does it mean by good packaging? According to a survey, packaging with the following three features attracts people. It includes

Bold colors (53%)

Unique logo (56%)

Peel-off label (59%)

So, good packaging is the one with which you can showcase your candy. It should be a kind of flexible packaging. Can you add all these features to traditional packaging? Obviously no! Here comes the custom confectionery packaging.

What are custom printed candy bags for your candy packaging?

Custom candy packaging is a type of flexible snack packaging. They are an affordable and convenient way to add a special touch to your brand’s promotions. You can customize them with your company logo, artwork, colors, or messaging.

You can add zippers and heat seals for a customer. Personalized candy bags are ideal for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, and free samples. These branded bags come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Hence, you can create a unique look for your candy business. Whether you choose patterns or a single color, custom bags can promote your brand. It will be like a sweet treat for your customer.

How personalized candy bags boost your candy business?

Custom candy packaging is an easy way to market your candy at a minimal price. The following are features of personalized candy bags.

They help you build customer loyalty (Maintain freshness)

Custom candy bags are an effective way to build customer loyalty. The bags maintain the freshness and quality of the candy or snacks inside. They keep the moisture away. Customers can always enjoy a moisture-proof, fresh sweet treat or candy, like mints.

People will remember your brand by eating fresh and quality sweets or mints in the custom printed bag. It also extends the shelf life of the candy. Hence, you don’t need to replace candy stock earlier.

Moreover, you can design these customized candy bags with the following:

·         a resealable zip

·         slide seal closure

·         heat seal

·         a pressure-sensitive adhesive seal

It further ensures the protection of the candy or gummies from dirt, dust, and damage.

They Help with Branding

Custom candy bags are a great way to support your custom candy brand. With an eye-catching design, your logo can stand out. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to let people know more about your candy business.

You can print useful information about your candy and company or artwork on customized or personalized candy bags. For example, add contact details or product information to the chocolate custom bag. It can act as an effective way of connecting with potential customers. It also includes wholesalers, bulk buyers, etc.

You can also add a special offer like free candy, a free candy pouch, or a promotion on the candy bag or pouch. People are more likely to take notice and action on free items. It will thus increase sales of custom candy.

They’re Affordable

Candy bags or customized bags use less material than paperboard boxes. Hence, you can produce this snack packaging at a lower cost per unit. And the custom bags are lightweight. You’ll save money on shipping charges.

Additionally, brands produce customized candy pouch with digital printing methods. It doesn’t need plates or setup fees. Hence, you can get an instant quote without having to pay extra.

Unlike traditional forms of packaging, these custom bags are flexible. They are easy to store. It means storage won’t be over your budget, either!

Low MOQ, Best for startups       

Personalized candy bags or customized bags support low minimum order quantity (MOQ). It makes it ideal for small businesses or project. Companies won’t have to worry about wasting resources on unnecessary bulk orders.

You can stick to a budget and find ways to keep spending in check. Moreover, companies can experiment with different shapes like loves,stars,etc. And can find what works best with their target market.

Choose the Best Material for a custom candy bag

The material can affect your product’s look, taste, and freshness. Following are some aspects to consider for a custom candy bag or customized pouch.

·         It’s important to remember that not all packaging is ideal for food items like candy. Some are more durable than others. They preserve the taste and freshness of the candy in a better way.

·         You may also consider how it will interact with your food product. Some materials may react with the ingredients and affect their taste or texture. Hence, look for food-graded options.

·         Think about how it will impact the cost of production and shipping.

The following materials are ideal for producing personalized candy bags.


·         It has a glossy finish of vapor metalized MET or VMPET that gives an eye-catching effect.

·         It is lightweight yet strong enough to protect the candy inside.

·         It is easy to ship, thus saving on cost and time.

·         It is toxin-proof.


·         Ideal for those who want their candies or products to be at the highest level of visibility.

·         Transparent materials like PET, CPP, BOPP, & PE provide quality protection for candy.

·         Customizable.

·         Suitable for candy gifts.

·         Perfect for keeping track of inventories without opening the pouch.


·         Flexible packaging.

·         Aluminum foil provides an excellent barrier.

·         They are heat-resistant plastic pouches with added strength. For example, Mylar foil.

·         Very affordable custom packaging.

·         Perfect for wrapping chocolates.

Different types of custom candy bags

There are several types of customized snack packaging. You can customize each printed candy bag as much as you want.

Reclosable zipper pouch bag

These personalized candy bags are easy-to-use. With a reclosable zipper and a heat seal, people can open and close the candy bag to access the candies or chocolate sweets on the go. This bag is perfect for filling higher-margin sweets. Examples include chocolate candies, mints, dried fruits, trail mix, etc.

Lay flat pouches

These custom bags feature three side seals, making chocolate candy look neat. The strength and durability of these pouches make them ideal for bulk-sized candies. This packaging is perfect when you do not need the candy to stand upright on store shelves.

Standup pouches

Standup pouches are great for candy bags to add a unique and eye-catching twist. They look like a traditional bag. But they have a wider bottom. It supports them to stand upright. It allows your clients to grab their sweets and move on. They are perfect for displaying logos, slogans, or other artwork. You can also add zippers to this bag.

Fin-seal pouches

Fin Seal pouches are a form-fill design. It allows for the quick and fool-proof sealing of candies. The fold-over closure pouch provides superior protection for candy from moisture.

Roll stock Form-fill-seal bags

Roll stock is the perfect combination of convenience and affordability. But it needs skills and loading machinery to work with the process. This printed packaging is ideal for high-volume, low-margin candy.

How to design your custom candy packaging?

Creative ways to design printed candy bags can help you stand out from competitors.

Use bold colors.

Consider the type of candy, i.e., chocolate, mints, etc. Pick a palette that works with it. For example, a bright rainbow-inspired color scheme might work well for packaging gummies.

Make sure your packaging is recyclable. 

Choose a recyclable option and consider the size of your printed packaging to reduce waste. You might opt for paper or recycled plastic to cut your carbon footprint.

Add transparent designs to showcase your candies.

You can print windows to show off your colorful chocolate candies or mints. You’ll be able to create a visual impact that will draw a customer in.

Add a personal touch.

Add a personal touch to a custom pouch. Consider including a special message, logo, or quote. It reflects the personality of your candy.

Consider using different shapes.

Think outside the traditional square or rectangle shape and try something different for the candy pouch. You can choose shapes, such as stars, hearts, circles, etc., related to your candy.

Wrap up

Packaging can make or break your first impression. Custom printed candy bags are an error-proof solution for your next marketing project. Whether it’s a party, social dinner, or any other event, you can offer printed candies as samples. This custom printed packaging will help you sell candy to a larger client circle. So why are you waiting? Book your order and start selling quality candy.


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