10 Product Packaging Design Trends To Consider 

The packaging industry is booming day by day by offering mixed bag designs. You can nail your own from aesthetic layout to vibrant bright colors or add fun imagery. But the question is: which design flow or trend your product suits best?

Look no forth! We design this article with fabulous and creative trends with almost all types of products. Before jumping, let’s discover why you need to follow current packaging current trends.

Why Should You Follow Current Trends in Packaging?

“Good packaging design will highlight why a person should purchase the product.”

Well, we all know that a product is known by its packaging design. From online to offline, design trends help in many ways, including:

Reflect and Promote Your Product Quality

 “First impression is the last impression” – the most effective sales idea that new or small brands follow. With an eye-catching product package, you can meet your business desired goal. How?

Packaging works as a medium between products and customers. Before purchasing one, your consumers can feel it or experience it through their eyes. For example, packaging with sleek or black product photographs can establish a luxury sense. 

Food packaging design trends introduce you to several ingredients’ value and product info. You can promote your unique product quality in the consumer market by crafting a design trend.  

Here is the video about how Package Design Affects Sales

Create Brand Identity

A well decorative food gives you a mouthwatering view and entices you to take a bite. Unique product packs will help to create a buzz. By having an original and easy-to-recognize design, you can enhance brand awareness. Do you ever glance at pet food pouches or garden lawn bags

Every package highlights the product’s story, brand identity, and uniqueness. However, in less than one second, a customer forms an impression of your brand. So, to boost sales and increase brand awareness, an eye-level design is a must. 

Create Emotional Connection with Consumers

As per statistics, 72% of consumers admit that packaging design influences their purchasing decision. That means evoking and informative ones have the power to grant or influence repeat purchases. So, to build an emotional attachment with your targeted consumers, you need to consider their needs. 

Put yourself in their position to fulfill their desire. You can find out what wow factors make a product stand out. Many brands conduct extensive research on designs, colors, themes, and packaging materials to meet customer satisfaction. If you think about sustainable packaging techniques, it adds extra value to your product. 

Differentiates from Other Competitors

Many products are available in this competitive packaging market with the same features. Also, many retailers showcase similar products on shelves. Here, digitally printed flexible packaging or custom packaging offers you versatile sizes and shapes. Also, keep you apart from similar companies and products. 

As you know, 81% of retail shoppers research online before purchasing. Amazon and YouTube make it easy. Innovative materials like eco-friendly or sustainable packaging are other factors that keep you unique from competitors. Also, to support your marketing efforts focused on you, creative design is the best thing. 

Here is the video about 10 top packaging design trends of 2023.

Promote In-Store or Online Sales

Trending product packaging design offers an aesthetic advantage in the consumer market. Comparing with generic designs, products with unique packs are more desirable. From different e-commerce businesses to others, you notice engaging designs. To create creative vibes in-store and online, you need to focus on those factors. 

However, attractive and functional packs improve the flow of customer visual experience. From face-to-face to online, you need to fulfill consumers’ demands and requirements everywhere. Also, building trust and a smooth customer-buyer relationship is a must thing.

Help to Stand out on Social Media

In this digitalization era, social media influencer plays an essential role in making product fabulous for your customers. According to the Dotcom Distribution survey, 40% of consumers share packaging images on social media if it is unique or branded. You may be familiar with unboxing videos or product hauls. 

Applying these media types lets you show off your package design trend to thousands of potential customers. Also, if your packaging designs are loved by one, he/she can share it on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, creative product packaging design trend goes a long way and increases followers — and sales. 

Reduce Operational Cost 

Associated styles and packaging designs help you to reduce packaging costs and advertising costs. How? Digital printing flexible packaging offers you different materials with less investment. Apart from materials, to boost your productivity, sustainable materials help to cut extra waste. 

Also, your packaging works as a secondary medium to reduce marketing campaigns. You can use packaging design tools and strategies to ensure a sustainable future. Knowing what you want to portray or show off helps to choose perfect customized solutions.

Are you ready to stand by your online customer experience in the real world? Let’s get started!

10 Packaging Design Trends Concepts for Business

Whatever your business is, the design offers an instant window into your users to make an instant decision. So, to introduce you to the most significant packaging trend, we’ve enlisted an expert who follows eye-catching patterns and ingredients. Let’s scroll down!

1. Decorating Packaging with Illustrated Ingredients

Illustrated palettes are one of the most modern and latest packaging design trends in 2023. It is also considered one of the best beverage design trends, like beer packaging. The visuals or ideas come cartoonish to bring childhood memories. 

Many videos and posts become viral and are illustrated in a bright and fun style. Also, it grabs the attention of people who want to explore product ingredients or variations. If you prefer classic and minimal designs, you can try this trend to grab viewers’ attention. 

2. Color Gradients

Another strong visual attention grabber is ecstatic colors or color gradients. Flashy, bright colors, bold, highly saturated, and bright hues create a confident and fearless impression. But you need to pay attention to clashing colors to get your packaging noticed and maintain its actual purpose. 

Also, to set aside formality and give viewers a playful; yet informative product impression, pick colors sensibly. Do you want to strengthen your brand’s personality like other brands? You can apply cartoon charm, cute icons, or others. 

Note: Extra bring color palettes, or mute ones need to balance perfectly in this trend. 

Here is the video about how to create a Product Packaging Design.

3. Choose The Right Typography

Typography is considered the best and most creative food packaging design in graphic design trends. It is also considered a strong visual communication tool in the design industry. Now font designers and flexible packaging companies use these styles to set their products apart from their competitors. 

Mixing with floating style or minimalist designs, you can apply typography in several ways, including repetition, engaging language, and others. However, some manufacturers prefer this easy design trick, yet creative to give a casual and personal DIY look.    

4. Roll Film Patterns

Roll film or wrap-around patterns use seamless broad lines, natural textures, and natural colors that generate curiosity to pick up the product. These visual design elements cover all sides of the packaging. Also, you can explore a newer version of the packaging design on each side. 

It quickly catches your audience’s attention when displayed on the shelves. A great example of this design is juice or nutrition packaging. However, the appeal of this trend lies in proper consistency with patterns.

5. Innovative Transparent Packaging Design

Transparency is a unique and new packaging design concept. Consumer prefers this as the best packaging design because it allows them to see what’s inside in packs. In 2022, most brands promoted organic or healthy products using these concepts. 

According to Catalpa, 74% of consumers report transparency and honesty in product labeling help them gain brand trust. Also, the design creates a sense of trust and connection between the brand and buyers. 

6. Use of Fluid and Geometrical Shapes in Design

Want to create some stunning and incredible designs for your packaging labels? Fluid and geometrical shapes introduce you to new packaging design trends. You can also play with abstract interpretations to give a creative twist to your product visuals. 

However, the product packaging aims to educate users by giving them an engaging look. Stay relevant, sustainable, earth tone, and minimalism if you want to fulfill their demands. By doing so, you can influence the rest to try it. 

7. The Usage of QR Codes in Packaging

People value brand authenticity, so they rely on authentic brands for repeat purchasing. Do you want to follow their packaging trend and be one to fulfill your targeted audience’s needs? QR codes help you to distinguish from others and your original. 

It expresses your brand story and helps to create a newfound connection. Also, you must ensure that your packaging complements your design messages to viewers.

8. Creative Storytelling in Design

Nothing beats a great story about your product. The design of the packaging is an art. There are many ways to portray your creative storyline in design. Most fashion, beauty products, and other industries value well-designed packaging. 

For example, you are using negative space or applying comic series illustrations. Then continue the stories maintaining an engaging flow. Stories on product packaging also play an influential role in building your brand’s popularity. 

9. Seasonal and Occasional Designs

Mascots and tactile textures are the most fabulous current trends in food packaging. You can go with these designs to highlight seasonal beauty or occasional charm. You can preserve products’ fancy and pretty looks like embossing, die-cuts, and foil printing. 

Like others, you can add variations on appearance, like flavors, attitudes, and others. The changes add a playful and quirky touch to your business outline. But only focusing on seasonal design, you can explore more to express the brands’ versatility.

10. Using Eco-friendly Flexible Packaging

Sustainable packaging is an emerging trend in food packaging. Many businesses and customers prefer environmentally conscious bags. Also, you can use these trends to avoid irreverent energy and introduce recyclable or reusable features. 

However, the sustainable one creates a mindset in the people that their purchasing items produce a positive environmental impact. Design trends indeed depend on people’s tastes and needs. So, focusing on simple, realistic, evoking, and eco-friendly solutions is ideal. 

Final Thoughts

After the end of this article: packaging design trends, we understand that it depends on the reflection of times and people’s responses. So, to be yourself with creativity, you can discover any of them. 


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