Why should you adopt custom flexible packaging for health and beauty products?

Do you know the health and beauty market earned $564.4 billion in 2022? Moreover, personal care products alone generated $ 254.5 billion. It makes it the largest beauty market sector.

Experts predict that the health and beauty industry will grow at a rate of 4 % from 2023-27. It means a lot of earning potential in the beauty health business. But the competition has become tough than ever.

You must work hard to stand out in the health and beauty market. So what should be your primary steps? The first one is quality, and the second step is branding.

You may be thinking about a huge investment to fulfill these tasks. But don’t you worry! We have an all-in-one solution for your company.

It will improve the quality of your product as well as act as a low-cost marketing tool. Yes! We are talking about custom flexible packaging. Read on to learn the benefits of flexible packaging for your health and beauty brands.

Get your Health and Beauty Products Noticed with Custom Flexible Packaging

Health and beauty products need to maintain their freshness and potency as it is a matter of skin safety. Consumers will not buy if your personal care items are not safe, fresh, and good smelling. That’s where flexible packaging comes in.

It offers extra protection to keep your products safe during shipping. It keeps air out and protects the product from moisture, allowing them to be fresh longer. Hence, the packaging helps extend the shelf life of the products.

Additionally, you can make flexible packaging according to the product’s shape. You can add graphics, labels, details, etc., to them. It increases convenience for the consumer and could lead to more purchases.

Here is the video about the advantages of flexible packaging for cosmetic samples.

Features of custom flexible packaging

Here are some amazing features of this packaging which you can’t afford to ignore.

Airtight seal packaging

Companies make flexible packaging airtight and moisture-proof. It prevents the products from spoiling and losing their effectiveness. Furthermore, these packages can protect the contents from external factors. It includes extreme temperatures, UV rays, oxygen, water, etc.

Flexible material

Flexible packaging is much better than rigid containers. Manufacturers use pliable material to make this packaging. It is easy-to-mould material.

The malleability of the material means that you can pack in more products. It helps you to get the most out of each package. Moreover, this flexible pouch will make it easy for your consumer to use the product to its last drop.

Durable and lightweight

Other great features of flexible packaging include durability and lightweight. They differentiate it from other materials, such as glass. It is not so strong and can be very heavy.

It makes them difficult to transport. But with flexible packaging, you can easily store, transport, and even ship your products.

You won’t have to worry about weight or size. It also ensures that your products arrive in perfect condition.

Advantages of custom beauty packaging for your personal care brand

Flexible packaging can provide many benefits to your cosmetics and makeup factory. You can expect anything from this packaging, from maintaining quality to increasing sales. Have a look at the following advantages of flexible beauty packaging.

High-barrier pouches will increase sales of your products

Quality comes first for the success of personal care brands. And what is more protective than the multi-layered flexible pouches? Manufacturers use several films to make this packaging.

They combine the barrier properties of materials in a long thick sheet. The airtight packaging protects the items from moisture, UV rays, and heat. Exposure to these elements causes skin care products to lose their effectiveness.  

Your products reach consumers in airtight and elegant packaging with freshness. They will want to return to your shop whenever they need health and beauty products. It will, in turn, increase sales and give you an edge over competitors.

Customization gives exposure to your brand

Another benefit of beauty packaging is that it helps increase your product’s visibility. Consumers often make purchasing decisions by seeing attractive packaging. In a study, people now prefer to share their shopping photos on social media.

Another study showed that about 82 % of people use social media to buy a product online. Hence, having eye-catching packaging can be critical for success. Elegant printed product packaging will attract people.

They will buy and share the item in their social circle or page. It, in turn, gives exposure to your brand. This printed product packaging allows you to choose sizes, shapes, colors, and labels.

You can also add logos, graphics, labels, and product details in the space. It makes it easier to attract attention from potential customers. It also ensures they remember your brand in the future.

You will stay on budget with this affordable packaging

Besides looking beautiful, flexible beauty printed packaging is also cost-effective. These printed packages are lightweight, space-saving, and easy to ship. It helps to reduce shipping costs.

This plastic packaging can withstand damage. It prevents product loss, thus saving you more money on inventory. Moreover, printing graphics on flexible packaging or pouch use the latest methods.

They are much more affordable than traditional printing techniques. It means complete branding on a budget.

Sustainable packaging raises your reputation in the business world

Flexible packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. Many companies offer sustainable sachets for this packaging. It can help reduce the amount of plastic waste the industry generates. Hence, it is ideal for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Best materials for beauty product packaging

Beauty product packaging pouches come in various materials. But it depends on the type of product you choose to pack in them. Some common options for pouch packaging include paper, plastic, foil, and metalized films.

All these materials offer great durability. Plastic printed pouches are perfect for packing any makeup product. Moreover, you can tailor a plastic package to hold products in various sizes and shapes.

Foil pouches are also an ideal choice. They provide a long shelf life for health beauty items. This package gives greater protection from light, oxygen, and moisture.

Metalized film-printed pouches also offer great protection, plus a stylish and modern look. With cosmetics packaging pouches, you can ensure that they will protect your products. It will also make them look great on the shelves.

Best skincare packaging designs to invest in:

There are various package formats that you can choose for your cosmetics business. It includes:

Standup pouches

Standup pouches are much popular in skin care packaging designs. They are easy to use, reusable, and sometimes have a built-in spout. Hence, this pouch provides an ideal solution for liquid or cream-based products.

It includes lotions, body creams, face masks, hair masks, and body scrubs. The best materials for standup pouches include polyethene, polypropylene, and BOPP film.

They are durable and give greater barrier properties. They also have a high-gloss finish that will help your product stand out from the rest.

Lay-flat seal pouches

The lay-flat design makes it easier to place on shelves. It also gives the greatest product visibility. Moreover, the strong seal tape ensures that all your products remain safe.

You can add reclosable zippers to make this package more usable.

Resealable Sachets

They are affordable and can be filled in many quantities. It makes them an ideal choice if you sell products in different volumes. Furthermore, they come with easy-to-open tear-strip designs.

It makes them easy to open and reseal at any time. This feature is convenient for consumers who use their products many times daily.

Travel-size sample pouches

This packaging design is the best if you are a startup company and want to reach potential customers. You can give travel-size samples of your products as freebies at beauty events. It can help introduce your products to people who might not have heard of them before.


What health beauty products can you pack in flexible packaging?

You can store all health and beauty products in this packaging. It includes cosmetics, makeup, soaps, bleaching powders, brushes, scented powders, etc.

Moreover, you can pack sensitive items like moisturizers, gels, shampoos, serums, etc.

How long does a skincare product remain fresh in a flexible plastic package?

This type of plastic packaging has strong film barrier properties. It enhances the life of your products. You can expect your items to remain safe for many years.   

To sum up:

With the growing popularity of personal care items, companies are working hard. They invest hundred and thousands of dollars to promote their products.

But with flexible beauty packaging, presenting your brand is affordable and effective. So don’t set for anything else! Order your flexible packaging to make a name in the health beauty world.


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