Custom Flexible Packaging for Lawn and Garden

In recent years gardening has become a favorite activity for people globally. According to a study, about 55 % of Americans engage in gardening activities. Moreover, adults in the US spend $ 48 billion on lawn and garden products each year.

It means lawn and garden brands can earn a lot. But it is possible only if you ensure long-lasting quality for your customers. As the products like mulch, soil, fertilizer, etc., can easily rot, how would you ensure your product quality? It is where custom flexible lawn garden packaging comes in.

Read on to learn how custom product packaging help preserve active ingredients. I’ll also discuss the benefits of flexible pouches for your brand.

Importance of Custom Flexible Packaging for Lawn and Garden Products

Suppose you buy a pack of fertilizer from a store. After a few hours, the fertilizer seems to decay. The package was not durable enough to protect the item from external elements.

It includes moisture, pests, UV rays, etc. What would you do in that case? You will have to buy new lawn garden products. It means an extra budget at home gardening.

But with a flexible bag, you can save your product and money. It ensures the durability of the product inside. Moreover, you can store large quantities of mulch, fertilizer, etc.

Here is how flexible lawn garden packaging can increase the shelf life of your products.

Lawn & Garden Packaging Features

With the growing trend in planting activities in public places, it is now more important than ever to protect lawn and garden products from harsh elements. According to the lawn care market, companies lost about 15 per cent of total plant products at ports. The major reasons are improper packaging and storage.

Moreover, garden products are sensitive to light and moisture. The oxygen can further reduce the spoilage time. So what is the ultimate solution for these harmful elements?

Increase shelf life by Protecting from the Elements

Flexible packaging! It offers a barrier against moisture, oxygen, light, and other environmental factors. Flexible packaging experts make garden product packaging using multi-layered materials.

These packaging materials act as a protective shield around lawn products. It thus increases the shelf life of your grass seed or other lawn and garden products.

Resistant to pests

For lawn and garden products, pests are always a concern. They damage 20-40 % of the total crop worldwide. It means $ 220 billion of revenue we lost annually.

Agricultural and lawn care experts recommend improving the packaging material to prevent loss. According to them, in normal pouches, pests open the package holes and cause damage. Hence, the package should be durable so that pests cannot enter or unseal the bag.

Luckily, flexible packaging experts offer packaging that is resistant to pests. It includes insects, rodents, and even moths. The pouch’s tight seal and durability prevent unwanted pests. They can’t get in and ruin your product.

Moreover, companies treat the material of flexible pouches with a pest-resistant coating. It further protects against potential pest threats. Hence, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn and garden products are safe with this packaging.

Lightweight and easy to store

Flexible pouches are lightweight and easy to store. They take up much less space than rigid containers. You can keep them in small sheds, garages, and even inside your home.

Their lightweight feature makes this pouch perfect for transportation. Many gardeners may be looking to send products to friends and family. These packages are an excellent way to do so as they make shipping easier and more cost-effective.

Enhanced Product Visibility & prevents spoilage

Suppose you bought different products a few days ago. It includes fertilizer, pesticides, etc. Now you want to use potting soil but don’t know which package has soil. With flexible packaging solutions, this will never be an issue!

Many flexible packages have clear sections. It allows you or other consumers to identify the product inside without opening the bag. It makes finding the right item quick and easy while also saving time.

Moreover, many brands offer pouches that have tight seals or resealable zippers. It helps reduce spoilage and leakage of products before and after usage.

Sustainable Solutions

Flexible packaging is ideal for being more sustainable with your lawn garden packaging. These bags are recyclable. Hence, it is much better for the environment than single-use plastic packaging. It takes centuries to decompose.

Additionally, creating flexible pouches requires less material. It results in a smaller environmental footprint. It means consumers can rest assured that their garden product packaging is recyclable.

Here is the video about Lawn&Garden packing solutions.

How Flexible Packaging Give Exposure To Garden Brands?

Invest in custom pouches if you deal in lawn products and want to stand out in the market. Want to know why? The following facts will help you understand this.

Benefits of custom flexible packages:

According to a survey by First Insight, more than 50 % of consumers prefer quality over pricing. Moreover, Harvard Business Review showed that 97 % of people like a quality feature about a brand. What does that mean? Custom packaging can earn you more than half of the market share due to its barrier properties.

A survey found that 72 % of consumers say that beautiful pouches compel them to buy the product. In another study, 81 % of people tried new items as their packaging attracted them. Moreover, 63 % of people are likely to buy a product again from the same brand due to attractive packages.

What it implies? It means appealing pouch design helps draw attention to your brand’s unique characteristics. And custom product packaging gives liberty to play with designs and labels. Hence, an attractive design, more customers, more exposure, and more sales.

You might get 86 % more clients if you switch to this packaging. It is because a study revealed that customers attract to recyclable pouches.  Moreover, they will might willing to pay extra for your sustainable package.

Still, haven’t these facts convinced you to invest in custom packaging solutions? Prepare yourself to lose half of your would-be customers.

The Different Types of Flexible Packaging

Another interesting thing about lawn garden packaging is its various styles and sizes. It includes:

Single-Web Quad Bags

It is a two-sided gusseted bag with a heat-sealable feature. These bags have four verticle seals. They are strong, cheap, lightweight, and easy to handle. They are available in various sizes and colors. These bags are ideal for large quantities of grass seed, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

3-Side Seal Pouches

As the name suggests, 3-side seal pouches have seals on three sides. They are great for lightweight items. It includes fertilizers, grass seed, and soil enhancers.

Flat-Bottom Box Pouches

It is a great option for products that need more stability and a bigger branding area. They are like stand-up pouches as they have a flat bottom. But they have a gusseted side. It gives them more structure and depth.

Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are a popular choice for storing lawn and garden products. These pouches stay upright on shelves. It makes them an eye-catching and convenient option.


It is a large roll of film with various design elements. You can use this sheet to create custom packages for your product. Rollstock offers greater flexibility than other packages. You can use them to fill and package items in bulk. It includes seed packets, fertilizer, soil amendments, and other lawn supplies.

Pinch-Bottom Box Pouches

These pouches are a modern and stylish way to package your product. They feature a pinch bottom and gusseted sides. It makes them easy to stand on their own when filled with products.

How to Choose the Right Pouch for your Garden brand?

When selecting the proper packaging, there are a few important points to consider.

The first step is to define your needs. Consider the size, shape, and materials best suit your products. For example, you may need heavy-duty boxes if you’re shipping large, bulky items like plant pots or soil.

Look for materials that are renewable and compostable. After identifying the right materials, you should also consider their cost and availability

Moreover, consider the design of your garden product packaging. The design should reflect the style of your business. It should provide a pleasing appearance for your products.

Don’t forget to add useful features to your packages. You can add several unique features. It includes

·         heat-sealed seams

·         resealable zippers

·         spouts and screw caps

·         tear notches

·         windows

·         hang holes and valves

You might be fully aware of which packaging you should use for your products. So don’t wait anymore. Order flexible garden pouches and see your lawn products in homes and public spaces. Don’t be afraid of cost by seeing such amazing features of these pouches. They are quite a low-cost marketing tool.


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