Stand Out in Cosmetic World with Custom Facial Sheet Mask Packaging

With the growing craze for Korean skin, facial products are selling like hotcakes. Korea was the first who introduce facial masks. According to research, in 2022, the revenue of the skincare industry was $ 154 billion.

Moreover, experts estimate that it will grow at a rate of 5.6 % yearly. Another study indicates that global sheet face mask sales will reach $ 551.3 million by 2026. And more than half of this revenue will come from Asia Pacific regions.

It means there are great chances for success if you deal in masks. But success lies if you provide quality masks. For skin products, quality means freshness, safe, and long-term results.

You may be wondering how a face product can maintain its quality for a long period. Custom face mask packaging is the solution. Read on to learn the benefits of custom mask packaging for your skincare brand.

Importance of good sheet mask packaging

Good packaging is essential to the success of any product, including facial sheets. They are prone to damage and spoilage due to their delicate nature. Therefore, having strong and well-designed custom bags can provide better protection. Your products will have longer shelf life.

Moreover, sheet masks are usually moist. Hence, you should have a package that can maintain its moisture. Does your standard pouch provide such a level of protection?

Obviously no! Traditional packaging materials like cardboard boxes might not work well when protecting these products. So, how do you ensure that your facial mask stands out?

The answer lies in custom facial mask packaging. The following section will discuss the power of this packaging for masks and other skin products.

What Makes Sheet Mask Packaging Effective?

Face masks pouches are practical and aesthetically pleasing. They offer convenience and protection for the product. Moreover, they keep the mask fresh, hydrated, and dust-free during transport.

Besides marinating freshness, it offers many unique features. Most sheet mask packages come with a resealable top. It offers users the ease of reusing the product without compromising quality.

Mask packaging can also include custom design and logo imprints. Including your designs and colors on your packaging can promote your company very well to potential clients.

Additionally, they are very durable due to the material. It ensures that it will not tear or crack. Hence, it may also be an appealing feature to people.

Advantages of Sheet Mask Packaging for your Cosmetic Brand

Custom facial mask packaging for your cosmetic brand has multiple benefits. Have a look at the following:

1.      With the rise in the prices of materials and labour, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their production costs. One way to do this is to choose flexible bags. They are more cost-effective because you won’t need much material or labour to make them.

2.      Additionally, because it is lighter and thinner than other packages, it requires less energy to transport. Hence, cutting down the cost of shipping.

3.      After quality and money, a great cause of concern for cosmetic brands is the size of their product packaging. With flexible face mask packaging, brands can customize their bags according to their specifications. They can opt for different sizes. It includes large, excel, small, mini, medium, etc.

4.      The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for these flexible bags is surprisingly low. It means you can purchase just enough packages for the number of products you need to fulfil an order. It can help reduce waste and costs and save you time.

5.      This feature is ideal for brands launching new products or testing before committing to a large production run.

6.      People often opt for convenient, easy-to-use boxes when choosing a product. You can design a flexible package with features that make it simpler and more enjoyable. For instance, resealable zippers make accessing the product easier each time client uses it.

7.      According to a study, 88 % of buyers said they differentiated a cosmetic product just by the packages. It means if your pouch is appealing, it will attract people. Having flexible face mask packages option can help you achieve this.

8.      It allows you to make a memorable impression on your clients through their unboxing experience. You can deliver alluring design solutions and great visuals. It will create an emotional connection with users.

Material for sheet masks packaging

When creating your bag, it is essential to select the right materials. Choosing the wrong one can lead to a poor user experience and decrease the effectiveness of your facial mask. The right material ensures your customers receive a quality product that lasts.

It, in turn, helps fulfil your commitment toward clients. There are several options available for you to choose from. The following options are some of the best materials for manufacturing your custom pouch.

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil is a popular choice. It has excellent barrier properties. Additionally, aluminium foil is stable.

It does not react with products. Hence, it is a perfect solution for any skincare product, including sheet masks. Furthermore, it is lightweight and durable.

The flexibility of the foil makes it perfect for marketing. You can print foil with vibrant colors to make your product look elegant. It is also a sustainable solution.

Metallized packages

It combines Vapor Metallized PET (VMPET) and a thin layer of PET plastic. It creates a unique pouch that is lightweight and protective against the elements. It also reduces the evaporation of the product’s active ingredients.

Hence, it allows masks to stay effective even in the open air for a long time. Moreover, these bags have a glossy finish, giving them a premium look. It, in turn, helps facial sheet mask brands to stand out on retail shelves.

Clear packages

The clear packages allow people to easily view the product without having to open it. These bags make it easier to store facial masks in an organized manner. Companies use strong plastic such as PET or Easy peeling  film to make them.

There is also a heat seal feature available. It protects the product from damage after use. Additionally, you can print these packages with colourful graphics and designs to create a more attractive look.

Best sheet masks packaging

Here are some modern designs if you’re looking for inspiration for your next sheet pouch.

2-sealed fold-over pouch

It is perfect for those who want a simple, easy-to-understand design. It features two layers. Manufacturers seal these layers together on both sides to protect the item inside.

Brands can print the front layer with artwork and a mask description. The back layer provides additional information about the ingredients and use of the product.

3-side seal pouch

3-side seal packages are the way to go for a sleek and modern look. Companies seal three sides of this bag and leave one side without a seal.

Chambered pouches

Chambered pouches can be a great choice if you want to sell more than one sheet mask at a time. These pouches consist of two chambers. You can use this bag to launch your two products at once.

Standup pouches

These flexible bags with resealable zipper closures are the ideal way to highlight your product. They often feature a clear window at the front to showcase the product. You can also print an attractive design on them.

Custom-shaped packages

Custom-shaped packages are a great option if all those designs do not work for you. You can give the bags your favourite shapes. Also, by using colors that match your brand’s look and feel, you can make sure they stand out on the shelf.

Clear Sachet

Clear sachets are typically plastic bags. They help keep the mask safe while allowing maximum visibility. Additionally, you can print different designs, making them highly customizable.

Tips for designing your facial sheet mask packaging

Here are some considerations you should consider while designing your packages.

First, take the quality of materials into consideration. The material you select will determine the overall look and feel of your packaging. It will also highlight how durable and long-lasting it will be.

When designing your pouch, don’t be afraid to be creative! The key is to create a design that is unique and eye-catching. Choose an interesting font that stands out from the crowd.

A logo is essential for building brand recognition and establishing a recognizable presence. Graphics also add visual appeal and help draw attention to your product. Be sure to use imagery that reflects the essence of your product.

Here is the video about redesigning a facial mask brand identity+packaging

Wrapping up:

Companies had sold around $ 2.18 billion sheet masks worldwide. The potential is still very high as more people are attracting to K-beauty products.

Now is the best time to invest in custom pouches. So don’t wait anymore! Order your flexible packages and lead the cosmetic world with quality sheet masks.


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