How to Create Organic Dog Treat Packaging That Stands Out

The pet food market is highly competitive to stand out. In 2023, the Global Pet Food Packaging market estimated it would be worth around USD 7728.5 million. And in 2028, they predict to reach USD 9949.5 million. Isn’t the ratio huge? 

All these scenarios indicate that packaging with eye-catchy and user-friendly appeal is the core thing to be one of them. So, as a dog treat packaging wholesale, you might be wondering thinking: how to attract potential dog treats buyer? 

Pet owners demand healthy, tasty, and nutritious organic treats as pet products that come with in-depth product info. To meet your brand goal, we’ll summarize all organic dog treat packaging factors. 

So, look no forth! Let’s get started by understanding what organic dog treats are and how you can create creative packaging for dog treats. 

What Makes a Good Dog Treat Packaging?

Before heading to the organic dog treat packaging, let’s understand what organic pet treats are. When the dog’s treats are made by using certified organic ingredients is known as organic. As per USDA, there are no synthetic or chemical materials in the product that conserve biodiversity. 

And to preserve these foods, pet treat packaging need to ensure its flavor and quality by reducing moisture and oxygen. Dog owners want nothing but priceless and healthy treats for their furry pets. Premium pet food packaging comes with durable and resealable features that ensure fresh foods for dogs.  

Note: USDA stands for The United States Department of agriculture. 

Here is the video about pet food product packaging design.

Why Should You Consider Organic Treats Packaging? 

In the packaging industry, consumers prefer high-quality food for their pets. Also, when the product contains 95% organic ingredients, it gains USDA organic seal. That means, from preserving to offering creative views to meet consumer expectations, you need premium quality packaging that helps to:

  • Reduce Chemical Exposure: Organic ingredients have zero chemicals that help consumers to build up a healthy dog lifestyle. For this, premium pet food packaging is the best choice. 
  • Produce More Nutritious Food: An organic pet product that provide higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrition. So, customers prefer flexible packaging to maintain and preserve the balance of those food items.  
  • Maintain Freshness and Flavor: High-quality packaging keeps products fresh for a longer time and makes storage simple. No matter what type of food and treat you want to store or sell.  
  • Offer Customized Design Solutions: Need a logo or custom dog treat packaging solutions to boost your brand? With this packaging, you can create branded pet food packaging for pet lovers. 
  • Reduce Costs: Flexible or organic bags offer your budget-friendly solutions in time. Also, it requires low maintenance and production costs.

However, after going through some essential factors of premium or organic packaging, it’s time to create your own. But how? Let’s scroll down and glimpse of techniques!

How Do You Create Organic Dog Treat Packaging to Sell?

Do you want to show off your product’s personality that helps to grab potential consumers’ attention? Or, need ideas about: how to package dog treats to sell, maintain packaging needs, and fulfill potential customers’ demands? We’ve crafted top tips and tricks that help you to build your own and boost your market.

So, why delay? Let’s start with a unique design to enrich your business or brand!

Dog Food Needs High-Barrier Packaging

All pet food, especially premium and natural varieties, need to keep fresh and away from the air. High-barrier packaging materials reduce your refining processes hassles and provide a healthy meal in each bag. And that’s why flexible packaging like a stand up pouch is the best fit to fulfill your consumers’ demand. 

Also, it provides durable solutions and protection against harmful bacteria, moisture, and bad odors. However, the barrier is made with a thick protective layer that ensures intact and appealing flavors. And offers a temperature resistance barrier for the food. Natural, refrigerated, and organic dog treats are available in these bags. 

For example, UFoodPouch offers strong and food-grade materials with several varieties. To preserve its nutritional value and keep contaminants out of bags, you need to pay attention to this factor. Speaking of reseal, the techniques not only fulfill customers’ demands but also provide well-balanced food.

Build a Strong Brand Reputation

As you know, people buy with their eyes first before deciding on add-to-cart. If your product is eye-catchy and provides in-depth information, it grabs thousands of consumers’ attention at a time. How? Through social media. Yes, people love creativity and engagement approaches. 

Here, organic dog treat packaging is the most important thing for your business. The reason lies in custom dog treat packaging features that ensure your product is picked first. Consumers are the backbone of your services or brands. Their reviews and view matter most. For example, Coca-cola comes up with unique, admirable, and effective selling appearances. 

If you want to stand out from your competitors or want to show off your unique brand story, customized pouches are the best solution. You can get recommended sizes, shapes, and several packaging designs to admire your audiences. So, pay attention to quality and product packaging design trends to build authenticity in consumers’ minds.

Discovering New Points of Differentiation

In this new generation era, 77% of consumers consider sustainability and eco-friendly flexible packaging more than rigid ones. And the scenario for custom dog treat packaging is not different. That means designing a package that not only maintains health but also reduces waste. Many buyers influence their purchasing decision on this type of packaging.

Apart from these factors, consumers go through several factors, like 100% food grade material, BPA free, and migration testing approved material. Flexible packaging or pouches are recyclable, which emits less carbon footprint in the environment. Also, it requires limited space and weight for storing or shipping. 

However, in a fast-paced world, convenience is more important than ever for packaging. As a pet owner, your first concerning point is to serve healthy, restorable, and flavor-rich food that will make their lives happy and playful. To meet consumers’ demands, the revolution of flexible bags happens. 

Ensure Marketing and Remarketing Opportunities 

Packaging plays a significant role in building your market value. That’s why most of the time, business owners want to explore how they can choose the right food packaging solutions for their goods. In this competitive marketplace, you get similar product-selling retailers. To compete with them, you need to influence consumers by providing unique marketing approaches.

For example, packaging color, user-friendly structural design, and targeted audience needs or demands. Packaging works as a promotional marketing tool. Most eCommerce sellers avoid these facts about packaging. From enhancing the delivery experience for your customer to evoking them to rely on your product, packaging plays a vital role. 

And for pet treat packaging, you need to apply the same marketing strategies that influence remarketing opportunities too. So, take some time to finalize what type of appearances you desire to highlight your brand. A brand identity is lifelong and has fewer changes to change per season. 

Durability and Puncture-Resistance

Luxury brands traditionally prefer to show off the integrity of a product and its production. This strategy also helps them to create a perception of paying close attention to details. But in recent years, people have preferred eco-friendly dog treat packaging and several features like ziplock. 

Here, premium packaging, like flexible one is the best thing compared to rigid. So, to balance the scales of appeal and safety, you need to understand packaging optimization. As a business owner, your focus point is to deliver your product package safely. Pay attention to some crucial factors, including friction, abrasion, manhandling, and others. 

If you want to avoid these factors that lead to extra costs, a flexible one can fulfill your demand. Also, ensure to conduct a lot of research on what things make your competitors’ product pack.

FAQs About Organic Treat Packaging

Does the FDA regulate premium pet treats?

FDA regulates and ensures the well-balanced and safe ingredients of pet food products.

Also, to market dog treats legally, a company like yours must submit a food additive petition to the FDA to ensure food’s freshness. 

What is legally required on a pet food label?

As per FDA, pet food packaging labeling has some basic requirements, including:

  • Proper identification of the product (Weight) statement,
  • Brand and Product name,
  • Manufacturer or distributor place of business,
  • Ingredient lists (most to least)
  • Feeding directions
  • Name of species (i.e., Beef Dog treats or Salmon Cat treats.)

Is it OK to put dog food in a plastic container?

Studies have found that some plastic containers can leach certain chemicals into food. So, pet owners prefer using airtight organic packaging (i.e., flexible pouches) to preserve foods that maintain food quality. 

Does dog food need to be in a sealed container?

Yes, airtight seal storage containers minimize exposure to air, lock odors, and prevent contaminating your dog treats with bacteria. 

How long does dog food last in a ziplock bag?

Dog treats can last in ziplock pouches for up to two weeks after opening. 

Here is the video about how to make 1000s per month selling dog treats


After going through several packaging ideas for dog treats, we hope you can create your unique one. But remember to maintain organic pet treat packaging durability and health issues to avoid environmental or shipping hazards. 

Let’s ensure an engaging purchasing experience from satisfied consumers together!


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