How to design natural and organic food packaging that sells?


Who doesn’t like to eat organic foods? People have become more health-conscious than ever after the pandemic. The global organic food market has thus seen greater growth in recent years.

Last year, the organic food market earned revenue of $259.06 billion. It was approximately 7% higher than that in 2021. And what’s more? Experts predict that the rising trend will continue at a rate of 12% till 2030.

Organic food brands might earn $484.0 Billion in the coming years. Do you want to see yourself on the list of those leading companies? If so, you must start planning your branding strategies now!

And what’s better than creating packaging that speaks out about your organic products? A quality packaging design can make a lot of difference for an organic food brand. Your product’s packaging is its first contact with potential customers.

Thus, create something that stands out from competitors, including non organic counterparts. Read on to find out how to create the perfect packaging for your organic food products. These tips will increase customer satisfaction and thus boost sales.

Benefits of quality organic food packaging

Quality packaging design can provide several benefits to the consumer and the producer. For example:

·         The concern of organic foods companies is to keep the freshness of organic products. High-quality organic food packaging help preserve the same quality standards of these products.

·         It provides the necessary protection against heat, moisture, oxygen, etc. It increases customer satisfaction, leading to higher sales and more profits.

·         Another major concern of food brands is the difficulty in printing the packaging. Traditional packaging options are either non-printable or costly to print.

·         But now, companies have introduced flexible packaging materials. These packaging materials allow brands to customize the look of their unique packaging.

·         Also, they’re lightweight and involve digital printing techniques. These are far more affordable than old printing methods. Companies can print attractive images and designs without breaking their budget.

·         Furthermore, flexible organic food items packaging also benefits startups. Flexible packaging options can have lower small orders than traditional organic foods pouches. Hence, startups don’t have to spend too much money on inventory upfront.

·         Quality organic food packaging design helps build customer loyalty. It conveys a sense of reliability and trustworthiness. It encourages customers to continue buying your organic goods over time.

Pro tips for designing tempting organic food packaging

Organic products sell like hotcakes if they are of the highest standard. But how does a customer determine the quality of a wholesome product? Yeah, right. By its packaging!

The first thing that captures the customer’s attention is the outer wrap. A captivating design conveys the message of premium organic produce.

It will create a powerful impression in the consumer’s mind. So, the following are tips to make your organic products stand out.

Invest in durable and customizable packaging material

All natural food items need special care and attention when packaging them. Hence, it is wise to invest in durable materials. It should be able to extend the shelf life of organic products.

It will also keep food safe from damage during transport or storage. Moreover, consider complete customizable options.

It is because personalization can give you an edge over competitors. The more attractive your organic products look, the more people will purchase them.

Highlight your brand’s story

Organic foods are becoming very popular. Consumers are hunting for organic goods that align with their value expectations. To stand out from the rest, it’s important that your packaging tells a story.

You can do this by adding information. It includes ingredients sources, organic farming methods, and information that builds consumer trust.

Furthermore, ensure you select high-quality images of organic food products. It lets potential consumers know what they’re buying.

You can also use vibrant colors and unique shapes to make your packaging eye-catching. But it must reflect your brand’s voice.

For example, if your logo is of bold fonts, use light shades on the pouch to make it prominent. Keeping colors consistent across all product packages is also a great idea.

Likewise, introduce unique shapes and sizes. Think beyond the traditional square and rectangle. It will help the consumer to easily distinguish your natural product from other organic products.

Make an emotional connection between your pouch and the customer

Consumers are attracted to a brand that solves their problems. The best way to connect emotionally is by pinching consumers’ pain points. And offer your product as an ultimate solution.

Suppose you offer organic food for busy parents. In that case, explain how quick and easy it is to prepare your natural foods. But if your target is a fatty community, highlight the benefits of eating healthy fats from your raw food.

It includes nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, etc. Such steps will encourage consumers towards healthy eating habits.

Go organic for natural food pouches

Your food package should emphasize the organic aspect of your products. The ideal way to achieve this is to use organic materials for your packaging. It includes recycled materials.

Besides using organic materials, consider printing with organic structures. You can use viable eco friendly inks or soy based inks. These environmentally friendly options create a connection between your product and nature.

Such packaging also sends a positive message about your brand to the niche market. Hence, ensure sustainability when designing your packaging using natural materials.

2023 best-selling organic food products packages to invest in

The food authorities have laid greater stress on good health after the pandemic. Since then, more companies have focused on safe product packaging materials. So, some of the best-selling food packages that one can invest in 2023 include:

Stand up pouches

1.      Many companies offer organic stand up pouch options.

2.      FDA has certified these pouches “organic and GMO-free”.

3.      They offer an easy and simple way to package and store various products.

4.      They are lightweight, flexible, and resealable. It makes them great for on-the-go snacks and meals.

5.      You can also customize stand-up pouches. For example, add nutritional information about your product. It will show consumers that your brand is reliable.

Clear bags

1.      Manufacturers produce clear bags from 100% organic materials.

2.      They are much more durable. So they can handle many uses.

3.      These bags keep items fresh for longer.

4.      Plus, their clear design makes them easy to see what’s inside.

5.      Clear bags are also reusable. Your consumers will love this feature for sure.

Resealable foil pouch

1.      Foil pouches provide superior protection against moisture, odors, and other contaminants. This makes them ideal for use in a variety of applications.

2.      The resealable zipper ensures that the product remains clean and safe from harm.

3.      Companies have designed these pouches for less waste.

Paper bags

1.      Another great pouch for food is a paper bag. Manufacturers usually use Kraft paper to make these bags.

2.      These pouches have hang holes for easy display and storage.

3.      Paper bags are very affordable compared to other pouches.

4.      They are also recyclable.

Gusseted pouches

1.      These pouches are ideal for mass produced products.

2.      They have side gussets that give extra space for filling items.

3.      Gusseted bags are slightly higher priced due to their unique structure.

4.      These bags are also suitable for non organic products.

5.      They come in various shapes. It includes a block bottom pouch, side-gusseted with tin tie, etc.

Wrap up

So, are you ready to revamp your organic food packaging design? Follow the above tips and design perfect packaging that attracts, connects, and converts. Why settle for subpar packages when you can have the best of the best?


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