How to select a sales-generating packaging design for your new jerky?

Do you know beef jerky is one of the popular meat snacks in North America and Europe? Statista revealed that around 70.65 million Americans ate beef jerky daily in 2020. Amazing, right?

The global jerky market was $ 4.4 billion in 2021. And experts predict that this figure will reach $ 6.6 billion or more by 2028. It means a 6.7 % growth in jerky products in the coming years.

The credit for this high demand goes to the low-carb snacking trend. Beef Jerky is a protein-rich, gluten free, and low-carb meat snack. Moreover, people now prefer on-the-go healthy snacking over sit-and-dine.

Beef jerky is both a healthy and time-saving meal. But with such popularity, competition has also become tougher in this sector. It’s not enough to create quality jerky products to stand out from competitors. You also need eye-catching packaging.

Packaging is one of the key elements which influence consumers’ buying decisions. Beautiful packages grab consumers’ attention at first sight.

It entices them to pick your product. Hence, you should put effort into finding elegant beef jerky packaging.

 To help you out, we will share some pro tips on the jerky packaging. Read on to learn what steps you can take to select a sales-generating packaging design for your new jerky.

Here is the video about how to package jerky.

6 tips to consider for your new jerky packaging design

1.      Consider the shelf life of your beef jerky

People prefer beef jerky due to its high protein content, longer shelf life, and portability. Hence, the packaging needs to emphasize the longevity of the product. Keep in mind that ideal storage conditions for beef jerky are 40°F to 75°F and humidity above 90%.

You’ll need to consider how your packaging design will protect the beef jerky. You must also consider how jerky packaging will preserve its freshness during transport. The best way to ensure the quality of your jerky is by selecting quality materials for your package.

For example, you can invest in foil pouches with high barrier properties. These bags will provide greater protection. It will also keep the meat away from UV rays and heat.

You may also want to consider moisture-proof packaging. It offers excellent protection against humidity.

Furthermore, make sure to use a food-graded jerky package. So, the packaging can’t affect the taste or healthiness of the jerky.

2.      Never compromise on the durability of the material

Being a businessman, you may have heard of many brands that have compromised their reputation due to poor packaging. Consumers often judge the quality of the product based on its packaging. Hence, experts recommend choosing a material that is thick and sturdy.

It will protect the jerky from physical damage during transportation or storage. Moreover, it should also be able to bear harsh environmental conditions. It includes temperature fluctuations or humidity.

The best way to check the durability of any material is by conducting a stress test. It will be suitable for your new jerky packaging design if it passes the test.

There are many custom beef jerky bags available in the market. It includes stand-up pouches, zipper-seal pouches, etc.

These flexible packages are much more durable than standard boxes. They also help preserve the texture and taste of the jerky. Moreover, flexible packaging maximizes shelf space and shelf appeal.

3.      Flaunt your brand with custom jerky packaging

If you’re looking to make a big impact on your target consumer, custom packaging is the way to go. Custom beef jerky bags give you complete branding freedom. You can make a difference in the target market with an eye-catching design.

With custom beef jerky packaging, you can add your logo, slogan, or image with a clean design. It will make your product stand out from the competition. Additionally, custom jerky packaging gives you more control over your product’s appearance.

It allows you to flaunt your jerky brand in a unique way that will grab your customer’s attention. When creating packaging, remember that it should reflect your product’s features. For instance, if your beef jerky is spicy, use vibrant colors and graphics.

But don’t overdo it. Keep the right balance between bold colors and subtle elements. Moreover, consider adding nutrition facts or ingredient lists. You can also add catchy texts like free range, sugar free, all natural, etc.

It will let customers know what they are getting with their purchase. Clear labeling also helps make customers feel confident in their sales.

Here is the video about how to create nutrition label for meat jerky.

4.      Entice customers with unique features

Think of yourself as a customer. What would you prefer, a one-time standard jerky bag or a resealable pouch? The second option would likely have greater appeal, right?

It is because the reusable feature will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to buy a new jerky. Moreover, it will ensure product safety after use.

People will be more inclined to buy if they think it is easy to use and store after opening the package. That’s how unique features can help boost sales of your jerky.

Think about adding convenient features to your beef jerky packaging. It includes hang holes, tear notches, resealable zippers, transparent window, etc.

For more convenience, you can also add tamper-proof seals, pop tabs, etc. in your packaging design. But for such sales-boosting features, you will need flexible jerky packages.

It will offer better printing quality options and create less waste. Moreover, you will have complete control over branding.

5.      Think about your budget

The biggest concern for any business is budget. Companies invest money like water in promoting their products. But a few of them succeed in standing out.

When selecting packaging for your new jerky, keep your budget in mind. It is not a wise act to overspend on something that might not turn out to be successful in the end.

Compare the price of packaging with its features or benefits. You must look for packaging designs that have these features.

·         Low production costs

·         Less waste

·         Small order quantity

·         Fully functional

Standard package design is not a perfect investment in this regard. It has high production costs and offers minimal benefits.

But you can consider custom flexible packaging instead. These pouches need fewer production resources.

These jerky bags ensure minimal wastage during shipping and handling. Additionally, customizable options allow you to explore innovative shapes without paying extra money.

The best thing, you can order less quantity of custom-designed jerky packs. It helps save costs. Moreover, it gives you enough time to test the performance of your product before placing bulk orders.

6.      Don’t forget the environment

Companies often ignore the environment while designing packaging for their beef jerky. And it’s the biggest mistake they make. Now people are becoming more health conscious than ever.

They prefer to eat and live in a safe environment. If your beef jerky packaging is not recyclable, customers will hesitate to buy it next time. It will affect your consumer retention percentage.

Hence, investing in a sustainable beef jerky packaging design is best. Designers use environmentally friendly materials to create flexible pouches. It means custom beef jerky packaging is the way to go to reduce your carbon footprint.

It, in turn, develops consumers’ trust in your beef jerky brand. They will be confident in purchasing your beef jerky. Moreover, your chances of return sales will increase a lot.

Best & affordable new beef jerky packaging designs that sell

There are many styles of beef jerky packaging available. These can add value to your brand. You can offer different flavors of beef jerky in a different package design.

·         Lay flat pouches

Flat barrier bags are the perfect packaging design to invest in. It is a great package for beef jerky and other gluten free meat products.

This package design ensures the longer shelf life of jerky. You can add a clear window on lay flat pouches.

It helps consumers see the quality of the product before buying. These bags are also easy to carry.

·         Stand up bags

Stand up bag is another great choice for jerky brands. It helps consumers see your product from a distance even. The overall design of this package looks attractive.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your meat snack. This package helps create a barrier between the inside and outside packaging. It, in turn, keeps the product fresh and flavorful.

·         Quad-sealed bags with matte finishes

If you’re looking for a great way to package your beef jerky, quad-sealed bags with a matte finish are a great choice. Designers seal the four sides of the bag. It thus provides an airtight design that will keep your jerky safe.

The matte finish provides a modern and sophisticated look. It helps make your product stand out from the competition. Plus, these bags offer complete branding options.

·         Foil pouches

These pouches are lightweight and cost-effective. It makes them a great choice for businesses on a budget. The material is water and gas resistant.

The foil package ensures that your jerky remains at its peak quality. Moreover, consumers will love foil pouches due to their convenience. They’re portable, resealable, and leak-proof, making jerky the ideal snack to take on the go.

Wrap up

Custom beef jerky packaging is a great way to make a statement in the food industry. It provides you with many branding opportunities. You can design your favorite shape, whether beef jerky or other meat snack flavor.

What’s more? You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars on beef jerky packaging. You can design elegant packaging for your beef jerky with the above great ideas.


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