What are the best granola packaging ideas to make your product stand out?

Are you fed up with trying various granola packaging designs and not getting enough sales? Check out these best granola packaging ideas to make your product stand out.

Granola has become the most popular breakfast in various countries. Among these regions, USA and China are at the top. The reason is that people here are very conscious about their diet. And what’s healthier than granola?

It is high in fibre and low in fat. Moreover, people now prefer light and easy-to-make food due to their busy schedules. And granola is one of those items that easily fill up this need.

Experts predict that the granola market will grow at a rate of 5% in the coming years. It means the current revenue, i.e. $ 3,753.3 million, will increase to $ 5,828.8 million in 2033. Many cereal companies are investing huge amounts of money in attracting more customers by seeing such popularity of granola.

So it can be challenging for you to market your granola as there will be lots of competition. How would you ensure consumers that your granola is worth buying? No idea? Don’t worry!

We have a solution for you. Pay attention to granola packing! Yes, it’s true. One of the ideal ways to attract customers is by investing in elegant granola packaging ideas.

Read on to learn why unique flexible granola packaging is important for your granola brand. We will discuss some best granola packaging ideas. They will ensure that your product stands out on the store shelves.

Here is the video about packing granola.

The importance of unique packaging in a snack food market

You might be wondering what the role of unique packaging for food products could be. Many cereal brands believe that quality is the only thing that matters for granola. It is true!

But the consumer will experience the quality of your product only after purchasing it. So the first thing that matters is the looks or appearance of your product. When we say appearances, we mean “Packaging”.

It plays a key role in the success of any product, especially in the snack food market. A unique packaging design can influence a customer’s purchasing decision. Consumers want eye-catching, functional, easy-to-open and close, and affordable packaging.

Unique flexible packaging or granola packaging keeps your granola safe and gives an attractive look to your brand. An interesting and eye-catching design can encourage repeat purchases. It also fosters a positive brand image.

With creative packaging, you can show customers what makes your product different from others on the market. But with so many options, picking the best snack packaging designs that hook customers can be tricky.

To help you out, we have tried and tested many styles. And found the following 7 the best ideas to help make your granola packaging stand out.

7 Best granola packaging design ideas

1. Invest in printed, airtight flexible packaging

We can’t ignore the importance of quality and freshness for granola products. With printed airtight granola packaging, you will get two benefits. First, this granola packaging will help keep your product fresh and protect it from environmental factors.

It includes moisture, oxygen, light, and temperature. It is important because it ensures that your product stays in its original form. And your consumers can enjoy it for a longer period.

It also helps protect your product from pests and contamination, thus increasing its shelf life. The second benefit is that a custom design on airtight granola packaging gives your granola products a high-end look. It is perfect for premium food items.

Printed pouches like this can help build customer loyalty. You can use print features such as matte or glossy finish, embossing or spot UV varnish, etc. It will add texture and vibrancy to your granola packaging.

2. Make your granola stand out with stand up pouch

Stand up pouches are the best design for granola packaging. These pouches stay upright on shelves without any support. Hence, with stand up pouches, you can make people pay attention to your granola products.

Besides that, these bags come with a re-closable zipper. It makes them quite convenient for consumers. You can print all necessary product details, colourful artwork, and graphics on the stand-up bag.

It will enhance its visibility in the market and attract more customers.

3. Add custom features to granola packaging

Consumers love easy-to-use granola packaging. You can add many custom features to flexible pouch granola packaging. It includes resealable zippers, hang holes, tear open, sliders, heat seals, child-resistant seals, window, etc.

It will thus create a sense of usefulness in consumers. The custom feature can make your granola packaging stands out from the crowd. These features will help you attract more customers.

People will want to buy products they can use easily without harm.

Here is the video about how to make an granola packaging design.

4. Showcase your granola quality with clear window bags

Is your granola tasty and crunchy? It is the question that many granola lovers might want to ask before purchasing. What if you already have an answer for this in a usable form? We are talking about clear window bags for granola packaging.

According to a study, more than half of the information our brain receives comes through the eyes. It means a focus person make decision largely based on what he sees. Granola packaging with clear windows allows your customer to assess the taste and freshness of your granola products from the outside.

Giving people the ease to see your product before buying will enhance your chances of selling. It makes them feel that you are confident about the quality of your granola. Hence, there are more chances that they will buy your granola product. 

5. Have unique packaging for each granola flavour

How would you tell customers that you have a wide range of granola flavors if you use the same package for each one? With look-alike packages, customers will have difficulty finding a particular granola flavour. And people love easy things.

So, it may send back many of your customers, which you will not want.  Here comes the unique granola packaging for each granola flavour. You can consider creating different packaging designs for each type of granola.

Each design should capture the personality and taste of each flavour while staying true to your granola brand. For example, for chocolate hazelnut granola, you could opt for an eye-catching black granola packaging pouch with an illustration of hazelnuts on it. Similarly, for banana bread granola, a yellow pouch with graphics of ripe bananas may be more appropriate.

It will give customers a better idea about the granola they are buying. This technique also makes it easier for them to grab their favourite flavour.

Moreover, by customizing each granola packaging, you can communicate the unique qualities of each flavour and create an impression with customers. It will leave them wanting more.

6. Opt for creative packaging

Regarding granola packaging design, it’s important to think outside the box. Go creative with your granola packaging. First, add your unique logo to the package!

A good logo helps establish your brand identity. Hence, be sure to include yours on your granola packaging. Next, consider making a unique, fun shape for each box that will set your product apart from the competition.

You can use bright colors and eye-catching designs to draw in customers. For example, a “tropical paradise” flavoured granola package could feature palm trees and vibrant blues, greens, oranges and yellows to emphasize the summery feeling of this flavour.

Also, if you sell a speciality product such as gluten-free or vegan granola, highlight that. Don’t forget to include helpful information, such as nutritional facts, labels, ingredient lists, etc., on the package. It will help customers know what they are buying.

7. Create a sense of urgency on printed pouches

What is your reaction when you find that only one piece is available of your favourite product? You get excited and buy it before someone else does. The same goes for your customers. As per research, urgency speed up the person’s buying decision.

Printed pouches have the ability to keep consumers intact with your company. They are a great way to make people think their granola will be gone if they don’t buy it quickly. You can create a sense of importance by printing texts on space.

The text should be captivating. You can print words like “limited edition”, “limited availability”, etc. It will make the customers feel like they must have it now before it’s too late.

You can also include promotional offers like discounts for a limited time only. It will further excite the customers and encourage them to purchase.

Wrap up:

Unique packaging is the key to success. You can take inspiration from these best granola packaging ideas. They will make a difference and stand out your granola products from the rest. Moreover, your customers won’t have to compromise on the quality of a healthy granola breakfast.

They can make their recipe with different granola flavours. So what are you waiting for? Don’t set for anything less. Try out these best granola packaging designs and increase your sales.


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