Custom Mylar Bags: What is it and How Does it Benefit Your Brand?

Custom Mylar bags – the most revolutionary invention in the packaging industry and retail world. Many cannabis companies, healthcare, food industries, and others have switched to these bags for storing or supplying goods. The main reason lies in its product freshness and cost-effective solutions. But the question is: which features separate these packs from others? 

Look no forth to reveal the secrets! This article will go through all mylar bags’ creative options, how it helps your brand stand out, and many more. So, let’s get started!

What is Custom Mylar Bag?

Custom mylar bag – before acknowledging it, first let’s look at what a mylar bag is. The packaging bags are made by using mylar films. It is a trademarked term by DuPont company. It has several layers of laminated plastic. 

On the other hand, custom printed mylar packaging represent your products’ unique value and creativity to your customers. It comes in several configurations, designs, sizes, and shapes. Also, the custom mylar bags have standards and specifications on food-grade materials.

These bags are suitable for food, beverage, herbs, medicinal products, and edibles. That’s why the bag has gained much popularity in the United States. However, it is the best fit for custom weed bags for its high quality finishes.

However, you might be wondering about thinking: why are they one of the most demanding packaging for cannabis products or other food supplements? To reveal the secret of its demands in the packaging marketplace, let’s go through its different types in the next section.

What are The Best Types of Mylar Bags for You?

Innovations in flexible packaging mean that you get different and more flexible options for shipping products than ever before. To keep pace with the competition and offer customers the best, product packaging types and design trends change. 

Curious to explore the best fit for your business? Below we enlisted the most demanding custom mylar bag options. Let’s get started!

1. Stand Up Pouches (Gusseted)

Custom stand up packs or doy packs are similar to the standard flat button bags. Also, it offers similar working principles and applications. Unlike square bottom or block bottom bags, stand up pouches can get oval or even in shape. Its outstanding shelf appeal, high temperature-resistant, and sturdy design make it more demanding. 

2. Square Bottom Pouches

Square bottom pouches come in a square shape. It has the same working and sealing mechanism as other pouches but with a different shape. That means once you fill and close this bag, you explore a flat square or rectangular space at the bottom. It is the best fit for daily use goods, like tea, dry canna products, and others.

3. Seal Pouches

These custom bags are the most unique and widely used in different food companies. Seal pouches have a medium appearance and come in clear or blurry contrasts. But the design depends on your industrial and product requirements. Its extra texture inside makes bags more popular. 

4. Child Resistant Bags

This type of mylar bag comes with certified child resistant zippers and films. It is designed to keep children away from harmful items like lawn and garden products. Also, its extra locking features prohibit spills access to the contents inside. That is the main reason, most pet treats and medicine manufacturers rely on these packs.

Now, it’s time to break down the advantages of using these most effective packaging. Without more talk, let’s scroll down!

What are the Benefits of Custom Printed Mylar Bags?

Custom mylar bags are amazing flexible packaging for small to large businesses. These bags are highly desirable for high barrier properties. Also, its strength, durability, and ability to protect content from the outside environment help you to boost sales. 

For more details, let’s head to the next section!

Custom Pouch Packaging Bags Design

A huge part of selling packaged goods depends on its appearance: how do you display them on the shelf or on your eCommerce site? High-definition printing or graphics, colors that pop, and a premium aesthetic look grab the attention of your consumers easily. From company logo to product versatility, the artwork help to build your brand authenticity. 

Are you just getting started? Or, desire to grow your business both offline and online? You can achieve your goal with custom size mylar bags (pound bags or gram bags). If you need a matte finish, round corners, or different designs to promote your product, you can get it. This package is suitable for the ultimate advertising. 

Eye-Popping Features

Mylar packs are one of the best high temperatures, moisture resistant, tamper proof, and custom smell proof bags. With a mylar bag, the customers enjoy the benefits of tear notches and a reclosable zipper. Also, you get user-friendly features from hang holes to finish options and different closures (depending on manufacturers). 

All these features suit snack packaging and are perfect for to-go items. However, different finishes offer different features to suit the product’s intended use. So, before customizing, you can give a sample to your selected manufacturer design team. Apart from its evoking atmosphere, it ensures profitable sales.

Surprisingly Inexpensive

Brands that are looking to go green with their product packaging and offer customers eco-friendly solutions love these bags the most. Its sustainable film structures not only keep products fresh but offer cost-effective solutions.

From larger orders to small quantities, these earth-conscious solutions are the best fit. And here lies the difference between rigid and flexible ones.

Easy to Carry

These amazing bags are lightweight, easy to store, and transport. It requires less space for shipping which reduces maintenance costs. Thin and flexible quality, you can carry these boxes smoothly. But it provides a strong barrier with different levels of protection for your product. 

You don’t need to think about its storing food nutrients value and preserving process. Its breathtaking translucent window view makes it more eye-catchy. Do you have a pet? You can travel with your furry friends easily by storing food in these packs.

Easy Storage Solutions

Mylar is the most trusted storage option for its high quality preserving solutions. You can easily store from low-fat pet foods to different snacks, coffee, and other foods. This food saver can store some foods for as long as 25 years, depending on product criteria and company regulations.

However, to store food, stay fresh, and longer shelf life varies on different print substrates that companies provide. You get PET, PE, recyclable PE, BOPP, and other films in the marketplace. So before choosing the best one, go through the film’s strengths and quality.

Deliver Consistently Great Customer Service

Do you want to increase the engagement of your targeted consumers through trendy; yet quality packaging? You can add a unique QR code to every bag, which helps to gain customers’ loyalty and trust. And in return, it rewards more sales. Also, you can update the code at any time as per your company’s policy.

Apart from versatile options, it reduces transportation time, which adds extra value to your sales funnel. For a startup business, you may not need bulk amounts; in that case, you can go with customized solutions.

Boost Marketing Strategy

Pricing, product range, production materials costs, customer, and marketplace demand – all these factors are essential for effective sales. With mylar packaging, you can enhance the experience and give customers a memorable brand story. In the end, you get new customers’ engagement and social media popularity. Also, it reduces the ratio of returned products from consumers. 

Investment-Worthy Solutions

Customizable elements offer you choosing flexibility from versatile features that help to reduce extra production waste. If you require limited packaging for a certain period of time, you can order as per your wishes. So, it is ideal for investigating your preferable company MOQ first.  

5 Tips to Long Term Food Storage in Mylar Bags

Contamination, oxygen, moisture, and light – these key factors spoil foods in the package. Mylar bags are a great way to safely store food in your prepper pantry for a longer time. Here are some tips for using mylar bags:

1. Use Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen absorbers are the best thing to prohibit any interaction of oxygen with food. The bag’s foil and plastic layers remove outside oxygen. But oxygen sealer removes the void area inside the mylar bag and ensures 100% healthy food items.

2. Use Thicker Mylar Bags

Thick mylar bags protect food from getting oxidized in a way better way. The thin one may let in the light, which damages foods. So, it is ideal to go with a minimum of 5 mils thickness and above.

3. Consider Bag Size

The bag size measurement depends on your food items, thickness, and how much CC of oxygen absorbers is needed. For storing bulk items, you can go with 4.5mil to larger ones. But for small items, you can choose as per your product requirements. But pay attention to bag quality to ensure healthy foods. 
Note: CC stands for Cubic Centimeters. Oxygen measurement unit for mylar packaging. 

4. Keep Away from Freezer 

Mylar bags in the freeze may tend to get brittle over time. Also, it may reduce stored foods’ lifespan or damage. That’s why the packs are not used in frozen food storage.

5. Use Double Protection Mylar Bag 

For long-term food storage, one of the best methods is to use the double protection mylar bag inside a plastic container. It can be a single mylar bag (1-gallon or 5-gallon sealable bucket) or can store multiple bags. 

However, mylar is the best option if you want to allow your product to speak about your authenticity and creative approaches. Not only for safe shipping, but it also ensures 100% customer satisfaction in both food and packaging. 

Here is the video about 25 foods you can package in mylar bags for long term storage.

Which Things Do You Need to Consider Before Ordering?

To earn more revenue and grab consumers’ attention, you must be looking forward to mylar bags. Before confirming or buying one, let’s look at some important factors which help you in the long run.

Thickness & Durability

The thicker a mylar bag is, the more it provides you with a strong surface that can prevent oxygen, light, and moisture. They are great options for long-term storage. High-quality mylar bags are durable enough and serve products to consumers in a real state.

In-House Designers

The specialty of custom mylar bags lies in its eye-catchy design and raw materials. So, before confirming your packaging orders, you need to pay attention to experienced designers. The reason is they have the potential to bring your vision to life. Also, they know what suits your brand to succeed. 

Fast Turn-Around Time (TAT)

Want to aim your marketing goal by fulfilling customers’ demands? From shipping to customers’ doorstep, the main thing is maintaining time limits and serving more. That’s why you need to focus on the fastest production times before relying on any packaging company.

Low Minimums Order

Before relying on manufacturers or industries to order custom mylar bags, you must go through their low MOQ. As an entrepreneur, you may need to restock more often or require little to serve on a limited time. In this case, low MOQ help to reduce extra costs per packaging and shipping. That way, you can invest capital in your business.

Finish Options

Flexible packaging offers you different finish options, like matte, soft-touch matte, gloss, and metalized. If you have special requirements for a custom mylar bag, choosing industries that offer versatile options is ideal. However, ensure packaging quality to meet customers’ demands apart from finish options. 

Where Do You Get the Best Custom Printed Mylar Bags?

XinLei Flexible Packaging Co. Limited is one of the leading factories of packaging products. From frozen food packaging to coffee, pet foods, healthcare, cosmetics, and other types of packaging are available. Wondering thinking: why do you rely on them?

Without more talk, let’s go through their market specialty below:


The company has 20 years of experience in the flexible packaging marketplace. With experienced and creative in-house designers, they achieve their popularity. Different range of custom flexible packaging solutions to trendy packaging design, all you get in one place. Also, they have vast pouches collections, and the Mylar bag is one of them. 

They provide durable solutions from healthcare to food items, cosmetics, or garden supplements. Want to store food longer period of time? Their experts develop effective packaging for bulk food storage like side gusset bags, block bottom pouches, and others.

High Quality Printing

With XinLei, you get award-winning and high-quality printing with a diverse range of film types. For example, digital printing, flexo printing, and gravure printing. Every printing gives your customers an eye-catchy view of products. Also, you experience different finish types, like matte or glossy treatment on the surface. 

However, every pouch provides a high barrier and puncture-proof surface that offers odorless foods on your customers’ plates. Want premium quality packaging to entice audiences at first glance? All you need to do is give the instruction, and then you can see the results.  


They have the food safety management system (ISO 22000) and migration testing certification by SGS. Also, their child-resistant mylar bags are very popular for flowers, medical herbs, edibles, and others. BPA-free pouches maintain and offer fewer carbon footprints on the environment. In short, their pouches are designed to meet all types of industry standards and maintain regulations. 

Customizable & Flexible Service

Are you searching for customizable and flexible service options to achieve your business goal? You can aim your sales channel goal with XinLei’s innovative digital printing technology and various custom solutions. To adore your custom mylar bag, you get custom print with a logo in up to 10 colors. Different shapes, sizes, and materials are available in one place.

Are you facing a dilemma on printing trends which one suits your brand most? They offer free sample options and a consultation process to turn your dream into reality. Want pound bags or gram ones? You can place your order at any time.

Offer Cost Effective Solutions

Are you an entrepreneur or planning to start? They offer cost-friendly, flexible packaging that suits all types of businesses. When you choose custom solutions, you can get hundreds of available configurations at affordable pricing. 

Also, you explore MOQ starting from 200pcs. That means you don’t need to pay extra. Some companies demand high prices or may not offer low MOQs, which counts as extra costs from your investments.

Sustainable Options

Almost every brand is switching to sustainable packaging by offering recyclable zippers and film structures. With XinLei, you get the same thing. Sustainable reduces shipping costs and saves millions by optimizing packaging. 

Like yours, US and UK consumers prefer these types of packaging to ensure a green environment. Also, it offers zero harmful toxins that give you healthy food items and premium quality beauty products. 

On-time Delivery

To fulfill your customers’ demand and keep pace with competitors, require in-time delivery. Whatever your order’s amount is, within the shortest period of time, they deliver the products without compromising the quality.  

After going through several factors, you might get an idea about their pouch’s quality, in-house team, and premium materials. Want to place an order? Let’s take a quick look in the next section!

How to Order Custom Mylar Bags from UFoodPouch?

Want to get the best custom mylar bags from XinLei? Within a simple process, you can get your required pouches to scale up your business. Why Delay? Let’s get started!

  • Instant Quote: You can call, email, or fill out the quick quote request form to place your order. They will reach you in less than 24 hours.
  • Approve Artwork: You can contact them if you want any suggestions to achieve your product packaging’s unique look. Or, you can send details for the final output.
  • Print & Finish: Their advanced and expert designers fulfill your requirements within an estimated time. 
  • Ship: By maintaining all requirements and procedures, they’ll ship your bags to your place. If you have any queries after delivery, you can contact them. They are always with you to provide the best service.


Before we go to the conclusion, we’ve created a quick summary of this article for you so that you can easily remember it and pay attention to the most important part:

  • The Mylar bag is made from durable and high-quality mylar films. It works as an alternative to polyethylene or polypropylene bags. 
  • The evolution of these pouches lies in their lightweight, strong durability, child resistance, and food safety.
  • In the marketplace, there are 4 types of mylar bags available. You can go through the types of mylar bags section for in-depth info. 
  • Its popularity or benefits lies in versatile features, eye-popping design, printing technology, and others.
  • For getting the best quality mylar bags, XinLei is the best packaging factory that offers several pouches styles, sizes, and finish options.

FAQs of Custom Printed Mylar Bags

What are the materials and film structures of Mylar bags?

The materials and film structures of mylar bags vary per packaging manufacturers and companies. For example, UFoodPouch provides recyclable, high-barrier, and multi-layer films and different print substrates. So, it is ideal to contact your selective suppliers or manufacturers.

Can I use Mylar custom printed pouches in cooking?

No. The mylar bags can not be used in cooking.

How do I confirm that the Mylar bags I order are BPA free or FDA food-grade?

For identifying or ensuring the packaging is BPA free or has FDA food-grade certification, you can ask your manufacturers to show samples. But some packaging industry has these certifications as a prove, like UFoodPouch. 

Note: For showcasing or testing purposes, pay attention to hidden fees.  

What foods can you store in custom printed bags?

In mylar bags, you can store any dry and low-fat food. For example, coffee, liquids, jerky, pasta, powdered milk, spices, cannabis, and many others. 

What are the best mylar pouch dimensions?

It depends on your service or product requirements, from a wide selection to printing. Some companies offer you customized solutions or have their standard-sized packs. So you can go through their preferable dimensions. 

Are the custom Mylar pouches suitable for long-term food storage?

Undoubtedly, yes. These bags are made from durable and high quality materials that prohibit external moisture, odor, and heat. That means it keeps the product fresh for longer time spans. It is ideal for communicating with manufacturers from where you order or buy it.

Is Mylar the same as Aluminum Foil?

No. The main differences between aluminum and VMPET (material of mylar bag) lie in several factors, including:

  •  Aluminum can fracture when folded and is expensive.
  • VMPET is cost-effective. Also, it can be used in multi-layer packaging with LDPE to add superior flavor and protect qualities.

Is there any difference between vacuum sealed bags vs mylar bags? 

The answer depends on several factors – How long do you plan to store your product or food items? or will you freeze the food? And others. Let’s check out below:

  • Length of storage: If you plan to store food longer period of time, custom mylar pouches are your food saver.
  • Freezer storage: A vacuum bag is better compared to a mylar bag.
  • Food quantity: A mylar bag is the best option for bulk food storage. But for daily uses, you can also go with vacuum ones. 

Can you use Mylar bags in a vacuum sealer?

Yes, you can. But only for storing low-moisture foods in vacuum-sealer mylar bags. 

Note: You don’t need to include oxygen absorbers for the vacuum-seal bags. 


With flexible features and perfectly portraying the personality ethos of your brand, you can steal the heart of your consumers. As we all know that consumers buy with their eyes. But to lead them into regular ones, you need to serve high-quality products. To win the race – Custom mylar bags is the best addition. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the right one or customize your own mylar bags to be a part of this profitable marketplace.


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