How to Choose a Trustworthy Flexible Packaging Supplier in China?


Do you know that the success of a product-selling company lies in quality packaging?

If your packaging bags are plain, customers ignore your product and move on. It is because the outer wrap is the first thing that attracts buyers.

So, to grab attention and skyrocket your sales invest in superior packaging pouches.

And to do so, you need to have a reliable packaging manufacturer. But how would you identify a particular packaging company worth investing in?

There are so many product packaging manufacturers in China. Hence, it becomes challenging to find a reliable one.

So, I’ve compiled a definitive guide to help you get quality custom boxes or banded boxes from a reliable company.

This blog post will help you reach your trustworthy packaging manufacturer in China. Read on to learn considerations when selecting a perfect packaging manufacturer.

In this way, you will be more confident about your investment. And the success will be definite.

An overview of the Chinese packaging industry

China is the world’s leading producer and exporter of packaging products. The country is home to hundreds of packaging manufacturers and suppliers.

Moreover, they provide a variety of solutions for businesses in many countries.

According to a report, the global packaging market earned 900 trillion US dollars in 2021. And 70 % of this revenue came from emerging countries, especially China.

Moreover, China’s packaging companies will grow by 14 % each year. Among these, flexible packaging manufacturers will have a greater contribution.

Last year, the flexible packaging market size in China was 5 billion US dollars.

Why are Chinese factories booming in the flexible packaging market?

Have you ever wondered why China packaging manufacturers are in high demand? Let me tell you.

Low labor cost

The labour costs in China are much lower compared to other countries. It allows companies to maximize their profits.

Superior packaging material

Moreover, Chinese packaging manufacturers use high-quality packaging materials.

Bulk production

Bulk production of the company also enables them to produce packaging at low prices.

Quick turnaround

The fast turnaround times of the company ensure that clients receive their pouches on time.

Advance technologies

Due to technological advancements, many packaging manufacturers offer full control of the packaging. It allows you to create a unique product experience for your customers.

That’s why the Chinese packaging industry has a huge product packaging market share. But don’t let these features fool you.

Remember, every packaging manufacturer in China is not reliable. Hence, it is vital to conduct research to choose the right packaging manufacturer.  

Factors to consider while choosing a trustworthy flexible packaging supplier in China

As a business owner, you don’t have much time to sit and research a company. Hence, we’ve listed some essential points to make your process easy. Consider these to get a reliable packaging manufacturer.

Never compromise on quality control of packaging materials

Packaging materials are crucial in protecting your products during shipping and delivery. Poorly-made packaging materials can cause damage to your products.

Moreover, it leads to losses in revenue and customer satisfaction. Hence, select packaging companies that use high-quality materials for their packaging.

An ideal way to do this is by asking for a free sample of their raw materials. Test the models and make sure that it meets your standards before deciding to work with them.

But remember to consider your product too before selecting material. Different products need different types of packaging materials.

Investigate their manufacturing process & printing methods

Another point to get a reliable manufacturer is to research its manufacturing process.

It means knowing the way a supplier produces its packaging products.

It also includes the materials, equipment, methods, and quality control measures. For foil bags, you should check the foil sheet thickness. 

A supplier with advanced machinery and experienced workers will produce high-quality packaging. Moreover, research the company’s printing methods.

Understand the way a supplier prints designs and graphics on the packaging. There are different printing methods available.

It includes offset printing, flexography, digital printing, etc.

But choosing the right one depends on the specific needs of your packaging.

For example, digital printing offers high-quality graphics. But it may be more expensive than other methods.

Whatever printing packaging material you want, get the sample. And send it to the printing factory for analysis.

After selecting, you can ask the printing team to choose that particular design.

Test their custom packaging potential

Customization is the key to success, especially for food packaging. Most food packaging companies need special pouches to showcase their products.

That’s why many food packaging manufacturers use printable custom packaging material.

It includes a custom plastic bag, foil pouch, stand-up bag, etc.

Such industries offer different levels of marketing elements.

It includes printing logos, customizing product bags, creating unique designs,etc.

When testing potential suppliers of Chinese factories, ask them if they can provide custom packaging solutions.

And whether they have experience in meeting the specific needs of your project.

Identify your branding needs

Product branding is important for any business or company.

Before selecting a packaging company, identify the specific needs of your quality products.

What kind of size and shape do you need? Do you need a protective coating, or will plain packaging be enough?

Do you want a matte finish, a zipper pouch, or other printed work on your packaging?

Moreover, if you need roll stock sheets for your packaging, ensure that your manufacturer has such an option.

Ask the company to provide you with some samples of sheets so you can check the quality.

But remember roll stock sheets might be expensive than regular pouch material.

Check their credentials for food packaging

When choosing Chinese factories for supplies, ensure they have the right credentials.

It is especially important if you produce medical devices or food products.

One way to check their credentials is to look for certifications, such as ISO 9001 or 22000. It explains their commitment to quality control.

When sourcing packaging for your food brand, ensure the supplier meet all laws and regulations.

Most Chinese factories have FDA certifications for their materials.

Check that their materials are BPA-free and safe for direct contact with food items.

If possible, visit the Chinese factories to assess first-hand. And check whether it meets your expectations and standards.

By visiting factories, you can also build relationships with personnel. It may make dealing with them more efficient.

Moreover, if you have ecological concerns, ask the company about the recycling process.

Make sure they have a good reputation

Credentials are not enough to judge the reliability of Chinese suppliers. So, it is important that you also check their reputation in the industry.

Try talking to some other businesses that have dealt with them. Get an honest opinion about their products, services, and delivery timelines.

It will help if you look at online reviews and feedback from previous clients or customers. It can give you an idea about their quality control, customer service, and management.

Ensure your chosen packaging company has been operating in the same sector for at least 5 years. It indicates they have strong industry knowledge and expertise.

Confirm MOQ and shipping schedule packaging manufacturer

It is easier in China to get lower quantity at competitive price than in other countries. But, the least amount of special packaging like gusseted pouches may be high. Hence, it is wise to confirm the low MOQ of Chinese factories.

Likewise, if you deal in dropshipping products and get them shipped abroad frequently, you must know their international shipping schedule.

Hence, you won’t have to worry about shipping delays. You should also inquire into how they process orders.

Do they deliver on time or rush orders? What is the order lead time, etc.?

Get quotes from various suppliers

Before making any supplier your one stop shop, check the market rates of your packaging.

After all, you don’t want to pay over the odds when you can get similar quality products at lower prices elsewhere.

Compare quotes from multiple suppliers and find out who seems you the most effective.

Be sure to ask for any discounts or bonuses you may be eligible for.

Also, check what additional services they offer, such as free delivery or special varnish services that may even lower costs.

Ask for the final sample

As a business owner, you want your products stand out on the shelves. The packaging plays a huge role in making that happen.

So it is important to ensure the packaging you get meets your quality needs. One of the ideal ways to do this is by asking for the final sample from the Chinese supplier.

You can ask for a sample custom pouch material. This way, you can send the pouch specifications with other labels to printing Chinese factories.

They will conduct a professional analysis. And provide pictures or videos to see how it looks from all angles after customization.

Get everything in written form

After identifying potential suppliers in China, it is important to get everything in written form. It should include all terms, conditions, specifications and other agreements between the companies.

It will ensure that there are no misunderstandings. It also helps protect both parties from any potential legal issues that may arise.

Be sure that each party signs the document as well for extra protection. It is also important to include details about what happens if something goes wrong.

It contains cases if a shipment does not arrive on time or if there is an issue with the quality of the packaging.

Wrap up

That’s all about finding a reliable supplier from Chinese factories. We hope this blog post has helped your brand get trustworthy flexible packaging suppliers.

So, follow the above tips and get an instant quote from your favourite Chinese flexible packaging manufacturers and suppliers.

You will get better and cost effective pouches from these renowned suppliers without worrying about quality or delivery.


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