Why Should You Switch To Custom Cookie Bags?

Cookies have become increasingly popular due to the addition of various flavors. In the U.S., 59 % of snackers say cookies are their favorite food. Moreover, the global cookie market is expanding rapidly, and experts predict that it will continue to do so at a CAGR of 5.5 %, with 30% of sales coming from North America. So, how will you stand out in a congested industry where many excellent dealers are already drawing buyers to their brands?

You might say, “By supplying a high-quality product.” Well, it’s okay to a point, but the item is inside the cookie bag. And how would buyers judge the product’s quality when the cookie bags are not enticing enough for them to purchase? A study found that over 7 out of 10 people say attractive packaging influenced their buying decision. It signifies that you might differentiate yourself in the competitive cookie market by designing a beautiful package that would entice buyers to buy your product. Here come the custom bags or gusset cookie bags.

In this article, I’ll show you how personalized cookie bags or pouches can help you close more deals and boost sales. So stay with us to get your brand of baked goods to the sky-high!

Reasons Why You Should Switch to Customized Bags for Cookies:

The following reasons might be enough for you to choose custom-printed cookie bags for your customers.

  • The importance of first impression

No matter what your company is, people will judge you and your products by the first impression. Consider your delicious, freshly baked biscuits in a plain paper bag that is drab and ineffective at keeping your product fresh for even two days. Now consider the first impression of your brand on buyers after seeing those boring cookie bags. First off, standard cookie paper bags are unlikely to attract attention.

But what will happen when buyers shop the cookie bags (fortunately) and then realize that they are stale and tasteless? People won’t risk purchasing your product after getting the wrong first impression. Here come the multi-layered, thick film custom cookie bags to help you avoid embarrassment by extending the product’s shelf life. When people see a fresh product in a nicely designed bag, it will influence them to buy it.

  • Customer satisfaction

 People want more than just a cookie bag. They want beautiful products with freshness. Customized cookie bags provide these features since they are aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. Moreover, when the packaging is beautiful, clients will want to use these bags for other purposes, i.e., wedding gifts, birthday gifts, sweet treats at baby showers, etc. And it’s our human nature that we prefer to buy multi-purpose things.

  • Brand leverage

Custom-printed bags or gusset bags can help your existing brand and leverage your upcoming related products. For example, suppose you are about to open a store specializing in cakes, pastries, or other bakery goods and use the custom bags as an advertising campaign. In that case, it will create additional interest in the new product. It is because people have already gotten attached to the existing, so they will love to experience the latest products from their favorite and reliable brands, thus helping in brand leverage.

How Personalized Cookie Bags Give Exposure To Your Brand?

As a business owner, you know that brand exposure is crucial. Companies are always looking for ways to get the word out about their brand. Custom bags or customized cookie bags have the potential to do just that. Here’s how custom-printed packs can give your brand the awareness and popularity it needs without being too expensive and risky!

Features of Custom Bags for Cookie

You can expect the following benefits from custom bags or gusset cookie bags.

  • Full graphics printing

Custom bags offer full graphics and colour printing. It means you have twice as much room to work with your design and make it more memorable. You can add a logo, nutritional stats, ingredient list, etc. You can also add language for a more personal touch (if you have partnered with airlines or hotels).

  • Custom sized bags

With personalized bags, you won’t have to handle the hectic task of calculating the size and dimensions. You can customize their sizes as per your needs. Whether you want to fill a handful of cookies or a large piece of bakery items, custom bags will fit all seamlessly.

  • Low-cost marketing tool

While reading about unique attributes, you may consider the cost of a custom bag. Be at ease! Packing your delicious cookies in custom-printed bags reduces costs over more expensive containers like cardboard boxes while giving you more freedom to promote your shop. You can save money in the long run by switching to these bags.

  • Versatile

Custom packaging bags are a versatile option for your cookie company. They are aesthetically appealing, i.e., perfect for any event like wedding treats, multi-purpose, and provide more surface area, i.e., stand up pouches,gusset bags, shaped bags,etc. Moreover, you can have a chance to display the inside product. It is called the window of custom-printed bags.

  • Boost the sales figures:

Personalized bags have the potential to boost sales figures due to the following:

Maintain the freshness of the product

These bags keep the product fresh for a long time, i.e., extend the shelf life of the cookies. They keep moisture and oxygen out while letting the freshness in. Hence, more freshness means more quality and clients, which ultimately leads to more revenue.

Resealable zippers, soft matte packaging

People love the package in which they can fill the food items for a long after using a part of these. Custom bags have reclose-able zippers. This style will help people to fill and store leftover food without compromising on freshness, thus influencing them to buy more bags like this. Moreover, custom-printed bags have soft-touch matte packing and are lightweight, which won’t bother your client to carry the cookie bag for long.

Easy arrangement of the product

You can print as many cookies as possible on the custom bags without worrying about the arrangement. Since these bags provide enough space for a product due to their gusset style, you can close a big deal.

  • Customized packaging material

You can personalize anything you want with custom bags, including the material. You can choose to manufacture your custom pouches with different materials available. It includes clean, vapor-metalized silver, kraft paper with windows, and many more.

Custom Bags for Cookies Vs. Cookie Boxes

Most brands are unaware of custom bags’ incredible benefits. They still use standard cardboard cookie boxes to sell their product. But are they effective enough to boost your brand? Have a look at the following table and get your answer.

Cookie boxes Custom bags or pouches
High per-unit and laboring cost Low labor expenditures and per-unit costs.
Limited or no personalization at all More customize options are available
Loading and unloading of boxes take time ,more space,more storage and transportaion costFast and easy loading and unloading,less space and less storage and transportation cost
No or less reclose option for buyers Full functional resealable zippers
Cookies will stale in a short timeKeep the product fresh and tasty for extended periods
Self-display onlyMore showcase options, i.e., shelf, peg, display box compatible
Not attractiveAttractive enough to use as sweet treat wedding gifts
Fill less amount of product The gusset style provides ample surface area for filling

Tips for Designing Custom Bags

Whether you own a bakery, party rental business, or another company that distributes cookies to shops, you’ll now want to use custom bags as part of your marketing strategy. These simple and inexpensive bags are the perfect vehicle for your branding message and will help drive sales by enticing purchasers to buy more products. However, it can happen if you know how to do this. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of personalized packaging bags and to stand out in the industry.

·         Design as per the taste of your clients

It is essential to know your target customer before designing a custom bag. This way, you can ensure that the design is appropriate and will be something people want to buy.

·         Use premium material

When designing your cookie bag, always use high-quality materials. Buyers will first notice the look and quality of your package, so make sure they’re good!

·         Show creativity in shapes

One of the best things about designing your custom bag for a cookie is that you can get creative with shapes. Consider what shape is most appropriate and will work best with your logo design or branding to give a personal touch to customers.

·         Go bold

A study shows that color improves brand recognition by up to 85%. Make sure your custom packaging bags have bright and eye-catching colors.

·         Add a C.T.A.

Another best way to make your custom bags more memorable is to include a call-to-action on your bag.


Can You Fill the Custom Bags With Any Size of Cookie?

Yes, you can fill these bags with any size of cookies. It is because custom bags are available in all sizes to suit every company’s needs. Hence, you can fill these pouches with mini and large items without worrying about surface area.

Can You Use Custom Bags for Wedding events?

The best thing about custom bags is that you can mould them into any kind according to consumers’ needs. It is a sign that you can beautifully customize the design of these bags to make them perfect for any event. Hence, you can use custom bags as a sweet treat at a wedding, a gift at a party, etc.

In How Many Ways Can You Customize The Cookie Bags?

Depending on your requirements and creativity level, you can customize the cookie bags in several ways. For example, you can include high-quality graphics and a logo on the front of the cookie bags. Moreover, you can list your upcoming brand’s related bakery items on the back of your cookie bags. However, don’t go overboard with the customization of cookie bags, as the excess of everything is terrible.

The Bottom Line

With so many features, custom bags for cookies are an excellent way to differentiate from the rest in the crowded market. They provide you with complete branding options without going over the budget. So, why not choose custom bags for your next deal?


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