How To Find Custom Cannabis Packaging Bags? 

The recreational and medical cannabis industry is exploding year after year. Whether you’re a cannabis farmer, manufacturer, or retailer, the packaging plays a vital role in standing out from the crowd. According to the survey, 81% of consumers agreed that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. 

Isn’t the ratio indicate: customers buy with their eyes first? Also, upgraded customized solutions may force hundreds of thousands to spend more. But the question is: how to find custom cannabis packaging bags or custom weed bags? 

Look no forth! This piece will give you all the necessary and compliant cannabis bags or marijuana packaging factors. Also, we’ll cover everything about custom packaging benefits and state laws or legal regulatory requirements.

First, let’s look at what custom weed baggies are called and what custom cannabis packaging factors are.

What Are Custom Weed/Cannabis Packaging Bags Called?

Custom cannabis bags are custom packaging pouches that offer several printing options. Marijuana packaging is designed to meet FDA regulations by maintaining safety barriers. Also, custom cannabis packaging provides several features, like –

  • Children-resistant, 
  • Resealable,
  • Clear & legible instructions,
  • In-depth product info,
  • Smell-proof & tear-resistant,
  • Warnings & other instructions, etc.

However, custom printed packaging is the best fit for various Cannabidiol (CBD) products, like cannabis flowers, concentrates, cannabis edibles, and more.

Choose The Best Types Of Weed Packaging Bags

In 2021, the cannabis or weed packaging market size was valued at $2.90 billion. Also, the market is expected to grow by $11.80 billion in 2030. Sounds pretty encouraging. Do you want to boost sales in this massive industry? 

In this fastest-growing marketplace, you get several cannabis bag styles. But it would be best if you focused on their references to grab customers’ attention and entice them to buy. Below we have listed the great packaging bags that suit your brands or packaging needs:

Stand Up Marijuana Bags

Stand up pouches are famous for dry, liquid, or powdered cannabis products. It offers sealed sides and a bottom gusset to ensure strength and stability. Also, it suits almost all food products and can be stored on display shelves.

Gusseted Bags

These types of packaging offer a simple look to products by maintaining excellent shelf life. Gusseted are suitable for storing snack items, coffee items, and other marijuana items, like flowers, cartridges, etc. Also, provide plenty of space to highlight graphics and product info.

Flat Bottom Bags

With these bags, you get superior shelf life with product quality. Flat bottom bags feature five panels that offer more branding opportunities. However, these pouches take less energy and material than others. 

Flat Pouches

Flat pouches are famous for their affordable, simple options. You can choose these bags for small cannabis items packaging, like small portions of dry canna and snacks. Also, some use these bags as samples. 

3 Seal Cannabis Bags

Seal cannabis pouches are one of the best choices to preserve smell proof marijuana. Usually, a cannabis company prefers a 3-seal marijuana bag for time-consuming packaging facilities and branding. Also, you can offer a flexible solution to your brand image with a bottom load configuration. 

Child Resistant Bags

A child resistant custom bag is known as trendy and upgraded packaging. With a strong zip lock and other locking features, these exit bags are specially made for the marijuana industry. Also, the extra locking facilities offer maximum protection for children. 

Curious to explore: which materials are used for making custom marijuana packaging? Without any delay, let’s scroll down to reveal the smell proof packaging secret.

Materials Of  Printed Cannabis Packaging Bags

The most crucial thing you face when preserving cannabis flower or marijuana is keeping flavor, aroma, and product quality. Also, weed products are easily affected by temperature and humidity during transportation or shipping. All these factors can degrade inside products if the packaging doesn’t provide a substantial barrier. 

Aluminum foil laminate plays a vital role in making marijuana packaging and meeting all brand challenges. Want to know how? Let’s take a look below:

  • Prevent oxygen, light, heat, and temperature to keep products fresh. 
  • Polyester film (PET) ensures tensile strength and dimensional stability. 
  • Provide flexible barrier packaging to prohibit puncture, chemical mixture, and weather effects.
  • Keep your herb safe and preserve its actual quality. 
  • Airtight and watertight bag help to extend shelf life and are suitable for several Cannabidiol (CBD) products.
  • Offer lightweight, versatile, resealable, and flexible packaging features. 

Note: Remember to check your local laws and regulatory requirements for custom packaging bags.

After going through trendy edibles or custom printed cannabis packaging materials, let’s face the core reasons why a brand like yours uses them.

Why Do You Need To Use Custom Cannabis Bags?

In the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry and for cannabis entrepreneurs, cultivators use custom packaging for its compelling features. From custom dispensary packaging to other cannabis, consumers prefer sustainable bags the most. 

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 consumers prefer sustainable packaging more than others. Curious to explore more about why marijuana or cannabis businesses rely on green packaging. Scroll down to get the answer.

Offer Customized Solutions 

Custom marijuana dispensary products or custom printed cannabis offer typical unit sizes, colors, and many more. Also, you can customize your brand design to fulfill your consumer’s needs. Several design options (matte, glossy, craft paper finish, etc.) and specialty finishes are available.

Keep Your Weed Potent and Fresh

Custom baggies are made of a thin film of polyester that is aluminum foil laminated. All these materials ensure an edible fresh, aromatic, and potent weed to your consumers. The reclosable packaging feature helps seal the freshness of flower products by blocking out oxygen, light, and moisture. Also, keep weed items away from contamination and bacteria.

Tamper-Evident and Resealable 

Some cannabis products need to package in tamper-evident and resealable packaging to fulfill cannabis packaging laws. Custom bags are made from FDA-approved materials that ensure packaging laws. And all bags are eco-friendly and provide a unique outlook to your brand.

Note: Weed dispensary packaging bags or other cannabis item packagings local laws may vary state by state. So, it is ideal to follow FDA guidelines for cannabis product packaging and labeling.

Top-Quality Smell Proof Pouches

Most cannabis products have a strong smell, and difficult to seal the odor. Using traditional plastic storage bags or glass jars won’t completely seal the strong smell of weed. On the other hand, child resistant packaging offers you a smell-proof product journey. With various zippers, tear notches, and pre sealed features, you can store cannabis flower and the best marijuana.

Child-Resistant Bags Ensure Safety

Cannabis items harm children and young adults (don’t reach legal age). So, the custom cannabis packaging designs maintain extra security. Child proof bags maintain Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry regulators, so they can’t get access. 

Fast and Safe Delivery Shipping

From cannabis pound bags to bulk ordering, marijuana custom bags offer flexible and lightweight shipping solutions. 100% food grade material, BPA free, and migration testing approved product materials ensure smell proof and high-quality products. 

Now you might search for custom cannabis bags to scale up your brand. Let’s bring your vision to life!

Where To Get Weed Bags Print Pouches?

How about a custom cannabis bag offering affordable pricing with 5-star reviews? Customers rely on those products that provide eye-catchy designs and in-depth product info. A specialized manufacturer and flexible packaging company like UFoodPouch offers customized features to stand out from the crowd. 

Also, they offer versatile packaging solutions, like baggies of weed, ready-to-eat foods, drinks, and others. Their expert teams provide you custom printed and food-grade material bags with resealable and recycled features. But the printing process is vital in ensuring their pouch’s quality.

Are you ready to order your custom weed bag? Head to the next section now!

What’s the Printing Process for the Custom Weed Pouches?

Flexible barrier or print weed bags add extra value to preserve marijuana and other weeds’ freshness. But a quality printing process has the power to meet all your consumer’s needs, your seasonal business demands, and others. So, before completing the order, let’s go through some essential factors below:

1. Instantly Get a Quote

First, research their custom weed bag manufacturers’ printing process, packaging options, and reviews. If all data satisfy your business demands, fulfill their Instant Quote form to get their price quote for your custom bag requirements. 

2. Select Custom Pouches Size

After that, choose your custom bag size and how many bags you need to pack your products. Also, you can select several types, including stand up pouches, gusseted bags, flat bottoms, etc. 

3. Printed Bag with Logo or Design

You might have your design to customize your product packaging bags. You can provide your preferred logo, design, and zipper options with a customized solution.

Note: UFoodPouch offers custom tobacco bag prints with logos in up to 10 colors. 

4. Review and Approve a Proof

After completing all necessary improvements, check the complimentary digital proofs to double-check the artwork, colors, and other details. You can approve if the artwork and design meet your business specifications and fulfill your desire.

5. Enjoy Your Custom-Printed Pouches

With a simple and hassle-free ordering process, you can get your custom-printed labels and high-quality material bags within a fast turnaround time. After receiving it, you can fill your weed products in those bags successfully.

Note: UFoodPouch‘s MOQ starts from 1000pcs, offers free existing samples, and takes less than 3 weeks for delivery.

Here is the video for sealing the cannabis pouches.


The right design, size, and custom printed options are essential for brand recognition and customer loyalty. And to earn customers’ trust and evoke them in your great products, you need to pay attention to those factors. We hope that by going through the article: how to find custom cannabis packaging bags, you get your preferred one. 

Why are you waiting for? It’s time to make your product fly off the shelf and earn more revenue.


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